3 Reasons Why You Should Attend the PESOS AND SENSE Seminar Series


“I want to invest but I don’t know how and where to.”
“I want to invest in the stock market because I’ve heard it’s easy to make money. But I’m scared I might lose all of my savings”
“I want my money to work for me. I want to get rich. But I’m not sure how to get started.”

Do all of these thoughts echo in your mind right now?

Well, you’re not alone.

We all want to have a better life and a much more stable financial standing. We all want to stop worrying where did all our money go and become financially sufficient instead. The thing is, how and where should we get started?

These questions and many others are being answered in the seminar series by PESOS AND SENSE host, Aya Laraya. For us to be able to invest in the stock market and other financial instruments, we need to invest in our financial education too.

Below are just three of the many reasons why you should invest in your financial literacy and attend seminars.

1. You’re tired of working for money. You want your money to work for you instead.

No normal laborer or employee would simply just get rich by wishing or wanting to be rich. There are certain steps that lead to financial freedom which usually start with the proper mindset coupled with the necessary habits.

What I really like about Aya’s approach is that he teaches financial literacy in a way that even your 4-year-old son would understand and be motivated to save up when he reaches the right age. Whether you’re just starting to save or invest, you will find golden nuggets from his seminar which would be applied to your situation. He doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all advice. He encouraged everyone in the seminar to provide him an actual situation so he could provide tailored-fit recommendation instead of the usual ‘let’s all go to this specific financial instrument and get rich quickly!’

2. You want to beat inflation

The reason why not a lot of people get rich even if they have been working so hard and saving twice as hard is that because we don’t focus on the subtle enemy which is inflation. The illustration below explains why even if we work so hard, we still struggle to make both ends meet. Every year, the inflation rate in our country is much higher than the actual savings rate per annum that the banks offer us for our savings.

In short, no matter how sexy saving may be, we still need to identify ways on how we could beat the inflation and actually mobilize our money and make it grow. Our money could only grow when we invest. To be able to know which financial instrument or where to invest is something we couldn’t just learn overnight.

During the seminar, Aya explained the various investment options in a way that he’s giving us the pros and cons of each without being biased in any of the financial instruments. Oftentimes, we get people giving us free seminars and financial literary when in fact, they’re trying to sell us their product instead of trying to understand where we really need to put our eggs in.

3. You, just like everyone else, want to get rich

Let’s face it, we all want to invest because we want to maximize our profits. We want to get rich. The financial literacy and golden nuggets you will be learning from the seminar series wouldn’t make you rich instantly. However, the mindset and the things you will be learning from the seminar and many other financial education workshops you will get into will equip you with the right mindset, motivation, and guidance to make better financial decisions.

Want to invest but not sure how to get started? Want to jump in the stock market but not sure when and what stocks to buy? Having the proper financial literacy through books, seminars, etc will help you get started.
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  1. Gisha Liao says

    Hi I want to attend the said seminar but my schedule in going to Manila is conflict with the seminar date. You have online seminar that I can buy online paying thru credit card.

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