4 Things to do When Your Stock Wins

4 things to do when your stock wins

The Philippine Stock Exchange is soaring to record breaking highs.
What do we do next? Reality Check muna:

1. Keep in mind: This will not last forever.

Always remember that the market is cyclical. Nalalaglag din yan. Never assume that these good times will go on and on.

2.Take some profits.

So many people lose money simply by not knowing when to sell. If you have hit your target, sell — then don’t feel bad kung umakyat pa after ka magbenta. Pakitain mo naman yung bumili sa iyo. Please never say “Sayang, I only made 12% or 15%.” Matuwa ka dapat because for over 99% of Filipinos, taon ang binibilang bago kumita ng ganoon ang pera nila. Stay grounded and humble.

3. Remember to share your blessings.

:) At the very least, share your knowledge and experience with your friends who don’t know as much as you do now. Imbis na magbalato ka ng pera o gamit, magturo ka na lang.

4. Treat yourself.

:) You invest to enjoy life so when it pays off, treat yourself naman. You deserve it.



Aya Laraya

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  1. boboiboi says

    I just want to know. What is in it for you? I mean everything about the videos, and the tips, and lectures, etc? What do you get out of this? I can’t believe it is simply to share your knowledge and educate the common Pinoy. You must be getting something out of these, arent u? How is your company profiting? I’d understand if i don’t get a response if it can’t be disclosed, i am just curious. :)

    • Carlos V says

      Good questions! Hmm… it looks like you are right about not getting a response from them. :-) You know what, you should also ask the same questions to Bo Sanchez.

      And by the way, the “4 things to do when…” above works for the traders and gamblers.

      • Jex says

        Maybe your inquiry is something that should not be really asked because it will not make us any richer. :p Well, I’m not in the position to respond here but this is how I see it (and maybe it might not make us any richer) – in television, how do producers earn from the shows? How do companies earn from giving free taste? You see, they are all form of ads. In the internet, our website is our channel. More visitors = more traffic = more people will know about our service. The seminar (where we can learn MORE and personally raise our concerns to them) is their ‘product’/service. But I believe that instead of wasting time thinking how they will earn from us, why not get busy thinking on how WE will earn from what we learn from them (Pesos and sense, Bo Sanchez, Colayco, etc.)? Come on, they are really good enough to share something priceless for FREE! Not to mention, most of them are expert, if not, learned a lot from the experts in the field. With regards to the seminar, sure, the rent of the place, electricity, manpower cost and whatnot might cost less from what they will earn from the fees but heck, if I can be financially free, help the economy, earn for myself, see a brighter future ahead of me, from doing the things that they teach, should I feel robbed? No! I think it’s all worth it! I also believe that we should literally be investing in knowledge. If everything is for free, tendency is we will not place value on it.

  2. lemzki says

    I do not have the luxury of time to attend your free seminars. Do you have any recorded sessions I can view or download?

  3. Cecille says

    Hello Sir Aya,
    I have read Mr. Alvin Tabanag book “12 steps… ” and also it was discussed to us by our Pastor. I just want to know where to invest the the first 5k? what are the necessary things to know before we invest in stock market. Please help me.
    I hope I can attend the seminar this coming Feb.

    • says

      First and foremost, if you are going to be a long-term investor, you must have faith in the business you are going to invest in. Do not invest in a business you do not understand. :) As for the the rest, you can attend COL’s free seminars to learn how they decide what to recommend people buy.

  4. says

    Great advice Mr. Laraya!

    An great website as well! Hopefully more Filipinos will be educated through your efforts, with OFW remittances a backbone of our economy we really do need some sense to go with the pesos :D

    I would disagree about mutual funds though. They’re much better as a long-term investment. And I don’t think we should sell when we get a 12 or 15 or even a 25% return. But I guess it all depends on the investor’s long-term goals.

  5. ishe says

    hi sir, when to know that you hit the target? i thought that col is for long term investment using peso cost averaging. i’m confused now. please advise. thanks.

    • says

      Yes, COL espouses long-term positions, but as you grow older, yung dating “long-term” investment mo ay magiging short-term na. So dapat alam mo kung kailan ka magbebenta.
      Ex: You invest 10k a month starting when you are 30 with the long-term goal of retiring at 60. Now, when you started, did you have a target amount o bahala na lang kung ano meron when you hit 60? :) If you have an actual target, let’s say 100M, and you hit it at age 55, does that mean you will still not sell?

  6. Hansel says

    I’m OFW and last May 2012 prior to my vacation I’ve been praying that somebody will help me on how to investment my hard earned income especially in stock market. Thanks God He used instrument to become financial literate and I’ve been impressed with the concept how it works thus left and right I’ll be investing in Mutual Fund and get an affordable plans 10-20 maturity. My concern is how much would be the ideal amount to be placed in mutual fund? Hope you can help me Mr. Aya. God Bless!

      • Peter says

        Hi Mr Laraya,
        Thanks for this relieving advise. I usually feel regrets when I sold stocks then went higher right after I sold it..but because of this, you change the way i think..Can I ask a favor? :-) can you include me every time you’re giving tips what stocks best to buy or trade? Just please let me know through pete_0629@yahoo.com or pcsawali@gmail.com..thanks a lot!

    • says


      This line of thinking is very dangerous: ” I’ve been impressed with the concept…”

      You have to “know” not just be impressed by an instrument sent by a God teaching you about investments.

      You said, ” … in Mutual Fund and get an affordable plans 10-20 maturity.” Well, I’m not sure how you got that kind of information… maybe from an insurance agent. :-( The thing is, there is no set maturity period in a Mutual Fund or Stock Investments.

      Bottom line: You have to really KNOW it for yourself.

  7. Juan says

    sir magtatanong lang po ako kung alam ninyo po about dun sa save 33pesos a day ni Mr. Colayco nakita ko lang po yung interview nya via pesos and sense youtube suggestions, saan po yun naka-invest? May sariling program po ba siya para lumago yung 33pesos a day?

    Thanks & More Power!

  8. bob says

    good day mr. aya i’m confused a bit and this might be an obvious question to others, in online stock investment there’s a lineup for those who are selling their stocks, what if the your stock value went down when its already your stocks turn to sell, would your stock price offer should be affected? thanks in advance for answers.

  9. rye says

    sir aya, may I know how to avail pesos and sense DVD’s. how many DVD’s I have to buy for all the epesodes? how much is the total price? salamat po.

  10. hehe says

    kumikita yung mga mentors like bo sanchez and sir colayco sa mga seminars, dvds, and books.
    lalo na sa “bandwagon effect”

    pag sinabi ni brother bo sanchez na bilihin nyo ang isang stock, of course lahat ng followers nya bibili nito, at dahil nauna syang bumili, yung mga followers nya magpapatong patong ang mga price lalong tataas ng tataas ang market price, at lalong kikita sya dahil nauna sya at sumunod ang mga followers nya.

    for example, isa kang sikat na mentor, bumili ka ng stock at 10pesos, then you told all your followers to buy that same stock dahil malaki potential ng stock na yan, syempre yung mga followers mo bibili nito at 11 pesos, 12 pesos, 13 pesos, pataas ng pataas, so syempre mas malaki yung kita mo.

    that’s what you call LEVERAGE.

    • says

      Yes, that does happen, which is why a person should learn to think for themselves. :) If you choose to believe in someone’s recommendations then live with the consequences. Wala dapat sisihan kasi matanda na tayong lahat at may sariling isip. The information and systems are there, if a person REALLY wanted to, they can create their own portfolio and make their own investment decisions.

      Our stand at P&S has always been to teach people how to do it themselves kasi at some point din, all these mentors will retire and move on — what do you do then? :D

  11. Jon Aguilar says

    Sir Aya, Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us and ive learned so much in your P&S. After i watched all your episodes and reading some books about investment medyo nalilito parin ako. Kung ako ay mag account sa BDO & BPI na naka Time deposit at gusto kong ipasok sa Mutual Funds on my own respective bank na may monthly hulog (which i guess, that is Peso Cost Averaging), Hindi ba same industry lang sila paano ko naman mai-diversify ang savings ko sa iba pang industry (food, real estate, commodities). Tama ba na mag open ako ng account sa COL para bumili ng share ng ibang company at gagamiting ko yung EIP nila which PCA padin. From there makakapag diversify na ako di ba? at pareho lang na PCA ang ginagamit nila.
    Wala bang from Bank bibili ako ng stock ng ibang company at huhulugan ko na lang sa kanila monthly? rather than gagamit pa ako ng COL which is i dont have enough time to buy & sell then buy & sell again, gusto ko lang na long term investment na may monthly hulog. Thanks again!

    • says

      Let’s take your issues one at a time:

      1. Your Time Deposits and Mutual Funds are different instruments so even if you have them in the same bank you are diversified. :) However, if your bank is stupid and does stupid things with your investments, malulugi pa din yun lahat.

      2. You can open an account with COL to reduce the risk from #1 but this means more work for you since ikaw ang magbabantay ng investments mo.

      3. The banking license is separate and different from the stock brokering license so you cannot go to a bank to buy stocks directly. Some banks DO have their own brokerage firms so if you have an account with BPI, you can open an account with BPI Trade. :D

  12. mmzee1205 says

    1st tym investor kpo and no knowledge p on the stk market, who will hndle my accounts? does COL do the monitoring for me on when to sell and buy my stks? how much is the fee for that?

  13. chris says

    sir aya!

    gusto ko din po matuto kong paano ko malalaman kong ano yong mga stock picks or yong mga stocks na undervalued at present with my own…yong hindi dumedepende sa recommendation ng iba at ung:
    1.target price
    2.buy below price

    please send me your reply here chris_dumlao13@yahoo.com

    thanks a lot

  14. Geno Tai says

    The thing I want to learn is knowing when to buy. Selling is easy but the timing for buying is so difficult. I have trouble trusting already because when the market hit 7100 they said buy buy buy because it will get higher. But the market crash right after.

  15. Jacky says

    hi, ang EIP po ba ay ang sinasabing PESO COST AVERAGING? kasi po yun ang type of investment ko. Kung ganun po ba? Mga ilang years po ba ako suggestable na magbenta to earn at sigurado po ba yun na kumita nko by that time?

  16. says

    Thank you very much Sir Aya for generously sharing with us these important points, as well as other equally important information on personal finance and investments. You are a blessing to us.


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