5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market

5 easy steps

It’s all over the news – the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Index is reaching all-time high levels almost every day. A common Filipino may think, “I’m not interested. I’m not part of it anyway.” But wait! You can be part of it, take advantage of its growth, and make money as well.

The answer is simple–INVEST in the stock market!

Understanding the Stock Market

understanding the stock market

For PLDT to install more phone lines and for Jollibee to build more branches, they need capital to support these projects. Believe it or not, they need it from you!

To generate funds, these companies sell ownership or stocks to the public. Therefore, when you buy stocks, you become a part-owner of the company. To know more about the stock market and how it works, read this: Be a Partner with Business Tycoons

5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market

  1. Invest in knowledge – As we always remind everyone, “Aral muna bago invest.” Take time to study by watching our past episodes, attending seminars, and reading books. Research. Understand how it works and decide whether the stock market would best fit your purpose.
  2. Choose a stockbroker – You need a stockbroker to facilitate all your transactions in the market. You may choose from traditional or online stockbrokers licensed by the PSE. If you did your research, you’ll know which broker will be best for you.
  3.  Open an account – Opening an account with a stockbroker is as easy as opening a bank account. You just have to fill out the necessary forms, submit the required documents and fund your account.
  4. Place an order– Once you’ve chosen a company, it’s time to buy! Just contact your stockbroker to facilitate your purchase. The amount you’re willing to invest depends on you.
  5. Monitor your investments – Keep yourself informed about the stocks you bought. It’s wise to research online or read the business section of the newspaper to see if the company is doing well or not.

That’s it! Just follow these simple steps to invest in the stock market and profit from its growth. And remember TIME is your most valuable asset when it comes to investing. START NOW so your money can start growing too!

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  1. Nixz says

    @vicnep -Sir kamusta naman po status ng investmnt nyo sa Citisec? OFW po ako and I’m planning to buy at Citisec on my vaction to The Phillippines

      • says

        Nasa blog na po sa taas ang mga steps. Basahin din ninyo ito https:// www. colfinancial.com/ape/Final2/home/new_to_investing.asp

        Hindi interest ang tawag sa kikitain mo dito kundi “returns”. Ang average annual rate of returns sa stock investing ay between 10% to 12%.

          • ERBorja says

            ang pagkita mo or pagkalugi mo sa stock market, lahat yan ay nakadepende sa iyo. first, isipin mo muna kung ano ba ang goal mo bakit ka magiinvest. next, u must know how much risk ang kaya mo i-take sa investment. then, anong strategy ang gagamitin mo sa pagiinvest sa stock market. ang stock market ay hindi isang ‘money-making machine’ na kapag naglabas ka ng pera ay 100% na kikita ka. pero d mo kailangang maging expert sa stock market para ikaw ay maging successful. tamang kaalaman at impormasyon lang ang kailangan mo para maging smooth ang pagiinvest mo sa stock market. wag magmadali, read more books, watch video seminars, or attend live seminars para magkaroon ka pa ng dagdag na kaalaman sa pagiinvest sa stock market. investing is not just about earning money, it’s also about who you are as an investor. remember: right knowledge = low risk = high returns. :)

    • retireable soon says


      I am planning on my retirement…How much do I need to invest in stock market if I need about a regular income, let’s say 50K monthly income for my retirement?
      Pwede bang ipalit sa regular na trabaho(regular income) ang stock investment?

      any comment please?

      • says

        Sir, sobrang risky and volatile ng stock market for you to rely upon it for your “monthly income”. Unless you are a seasoned trader (but even a lot of traders lose in the stock market). If you are going to retire anytime soon, it’s best to invest in fixed income funds via mutual funds or UITF’s ng banks.

        To answer your question kung pwedeng ipalit ang stock market investment (or trading) sa regular na trabaho, ang sagot ay “pwede PERO mas malamang sa hindi.” :)

        • retireable soon says

          Salamat Sir sa reply, COL already accepted my application and acknowledge my fund transfer today.
          I will start investing from tomorrow, goodluck to me….
          Unfortunately, FB and utube are not allowed here in China, I will try it upon my return sa PH, maybe mid May.

  2. revilyn millare says

    hi po sa lahat..ofw po ako d2 sa hk and i’ve been reading blogs and sites bout investing in stock market..
    actually, nkapag fill up n aq ng account sa col financial all i need to do is sending it kya lng wala po akong proof of billing
    address, okay lng po ba alternative ung akng kontrata d2?
    please po,gusto kna tlgang magstart as soon as ma approve un..i ve email col financial but so far ala p clang reply.
    thanks po marami in advance!

    • says

      Not sure kung may nakasagot na sa yo nito. Pinapayagan ang kontrata basta may tatak ng Philippine Embassy o Consulada. Isang alternative ay magpagawa ka ng certificate of employment sa employer mo. Pwede rin naman na gamitin mo ang billing statement ng may-ari ng bahay na tinitigilan mo dyan. Kailangan lang nya pumirma sa isang document. Email mo ang helpdesk @ colfinancial.com para makasiguro ka sa requirement na yan.

  3. says

    please aya pm,i want to invest in stock but i want you to be my broker at ganun din sa citiseconline
    i want to be a partner with business tycoons like pldt,jollibee,meralco ,maynilad water
    please reply thru my email or facebook

  4. olive says

    one year ago i started to invest in stock market trough citiseconline.com and I’m so happy of what I invested is really grow in time…

    time is our most valuable asset, and I believe in that..that’s why ,i started invested early… i’m 21 when i first invested in stock market and on dec.12 will be my first year in the stock market.. thanks to Citiseconline.

      • olive dionela says

        to rina.
        I start to invest 10,000 tapos tinuruan ako ng kuya ko how to buy stocks..
        ok ang market at first..pero meron pla tlagang ups and down ang market.. pero patuloy parin ang pag invest ko and indeed nag gained yung investment ko in just one month sa stocks…hundred pesos then thousands over time.. go kana sa pag invest.. yayaman tayo dito. :) thanks to citiseconline.

        • Marianne Ignacio says

          I have a question. Kunwari, kakastart lang, so bibili ka, kelan mo dapat ibenta? Or kelan mo dapat ikeep ng long term? Tapos chineck ko kasi yung website ng COL Financial, medyo nalilito lang ako sa difference nung COL Starter at yung COL Plus. Sabi, yung starter, pang long term. So pag long term, dapat, di siya kagad ibenta?

          • says

            That’s right Marianne. Long term means you invest little amount every month or quarter for the next 10 years or so. Bili lang ng bili ng shares ng big companies without selling until after 10 years when the market is up.

            COL Starter is for the Easy INvestment Program. That’s what you need.

          • says

            Awaiting moderation pa sagot ko sa yo sa taas. Pero yes, pwede ka apply ng account by sending the forms and documents via email sa Helpdesk. And then submit mo na lang via courier pag may advise na ang customer support office ng COL sa yo. I think pwede din ipa-pick up depende sa availability ng messenger nila.

          • Marianne Ignacio says

            Wala po bang dividend dun sa mga shares ng big companies? Tapos, kapag COL Plus, ok lang kahit parang di 10 years isell?

          • says

            Meron dividends kang marereceive sa mga companies na bibilhin mo. You can either convert to cash or use it to buy more stocks.

            COL Plus is the active trading account. You don’t need that if you are going to invest for the long term. Pareho lang naman ang features nyan aside from some reports na ginagamit ng mga active traders. COL Starter is what you need.

            In reality, it’s up to you kung kelan mo ibebenta regardless sa type ng account mo. It’s your investment na ima-manage mo personally.

  5. Jong Pulangas says

    sir, im a soldier and i wanted to invest thru COL.. my problem is wala akong proof/statement of billing since im living in a camp where the bill is named sa name ng base.. how will i be able to invest?

    • Florife Nicole Roy Pabz says

      You can open an account with Metrobank and enroll it to metrobank direct for computer link or access it will be your settlement account for your trading funds. Then open a trading account with firstmetrosec.com fill-up online and download the form, complete the details and submit it to the metrobank branch were you open the account.

  6. marites says

    Hi now ko lang nabasa ung about sa paginvest sa stockmarket.curious ako at confused . Paano po ba ang paginvest dto.5k is a big money na kahit pa ofw ako at ang husband ko syemprepinaghirapan pa rin un di ba.so gusto ko lang makasiguro kung paano ito.please email me . Thanks :-)

      • aena says

        Hi aya. i already watch your videos. i just want to know kung magkakaroon o bibigyan po ako ng stock certificate sa mga stocks na bibilhin ko online? I am planning to try eip ng col. ask ko din if pwede mgpurchse ng several shares (say 3) companies sa eip? Tnx

    • says

      You get the profit IF you sell your shares at a higher price than when you bought them. :) Ex. You buy 1,000 shares at 10 pesos per share, your initial investment is about 10k. If you sell the shares at 11 pesos per share after some time, then you can earn about 1k.

      • gudto ko says

        ask ko lang po sir if na i deposit ko na po ung initial money sa pagbili ko po ng stocks..at the following month nagdeposit po ako ng 2k so at the other month obligado po ba na 2000 deposit ko every month til 10 years or ok lang po ba kahit hindi pare-pareho..please answer me po..dito lang ako curios eh..

        • says

          Hindi ka obligado na 2k per month. Nasa yo kung magkano ang kaya mong iinvest kada buwan. Pero pinaka-ideal na dapat at least 20% ng sweldo mo ang iinvest mo hindi lang sa stocks kundi sa iba pang investment vehicles/financial instruments.

      • Barbara Bettina says

        @Aya, you mentioned that I’ll be able to get the profit of my investment if I sell it. Let’s say I invested to COL for 20 years and after 20 yrs. my money grew and I wanted to get my money to use for my retirement. For me to get the money I would need to sell my shares? Will COL Financial help me in selling those? Isn’t COL should manage that part also?

  7. MArvin Bolongon says

    hello po , gusto ko po sana maginvest sa EIP for long term invetment tanung ko lang advisable po ba na bumili lang ako ng bumili every month ng stock worth lets say 5k ? and if not how will i know that m stock is ready to be sold ? and saan po bang mutual fund may pinakamalaking return of investment ngayon ?


    • says

      @Marvin, investing means long-term, which means you buy, hold and sell after several years or even decades. Hinahanda mo ito para sa pagtanda mo o para sa future ng mga (magiging) anak mo. But if you want to know other strategies like medium term investing, you need to study more but focus on long term investing first.

      In any case, you can invest in equity funds as this has the highest returns among other types of mutual funds.

      • MArvin Bolongon says

        ok then , is it advisable na bumili lang muna ko ng bumili every month ng stocks sa EIP then sell it in the near future?

        • says

          Know your objectives and your investing horizon first. Para saan ang pagiinvest mo na yan? Saan mo gagamitin ang magiging returns mo from investing?

          Buy only the big companies every month using cost-averaging. But this is effective only if you’re not gonna sell them in at least 5 years.

          Otherwise, use other strategies if you want to sell in a few months or less than a year of buying.

          • MArvin Bolongon says

            actually gusto po sna maginvest for the next 15-20 years , so ok lang po ba na bumili ako ng bumili ng stock using cost averaging then tsaka ko nlang siya ibebenta after that time? yun po kasi ang plano ko and saan po advisable na company ngayon maginvest for this purpose?

            thank you

        • says

          Ganun na nga ang gagawin mo Marvin. Open ka muna ng account sa COL. Kapag approved na, meron naman silang Investment Guide at makakapili ka ng top companies na recommended nila na pwede mong bilhin every month.

          • gudto ko says

            pag bili ba ako ng bili naun 100% sure po ba na tataas ung presyo after 1o-15years?paano kung ganun pa din ung presyo di sayang lang ung uras mo..

          • says

            Walang kasiguruhan. Pwedeng tumaas, pwedeng bumagsak. Pero kung matutunan mo kung pano ang dapat gawin, hindi masasayang ang pagiinvest mo. After 15 years milyonaryo ka na kung susundin mo ang tamang paraan.

            Huwag mo lalong sayangin ang oras mo na walang gagawin sa pera mo na kakainin lang ng INFLATION taon taon.

  8. says

    I wonder how volatile the Philippine market is compared to the U.S. market. Anyone know?

    I’ve been trading U.S. stocks for a while now, and our market is at a multi-year high. When the bull market collapses (which, unfortunately, must happen at some point in all bull markets) I wonder if the Philippine market will take a bigger hit or a smaller hit than the U.S. Markets…

  9. Allan Formentera says

    Ako po ay isang ofw at interested po ako na mag invest sa EIP which is 5k ang start up. Tanong ko lng po kung sa bawat buwan na magtop-up ako, limited lng ba tlg sa 5k maximum ung EIP or pwede rin akong bumili ng stocks na higit sa 5k let’s say gusto kung bumili ng halagang 7k na stocks after two moths. Maraming salamat po.

    • says

      @Allan, walang problema kung magkano ang iinvest mo every month. Pero ideally mas maganda kung mas mataas pa sa 5k. Ang 5k ay minimum “initial” amount required para makapag-open. Pero for the next months ay nasa yo na kung magkano ang iinvest mo.

      • Allan says

        1.Sir tanong ko lang po kung ano ang kaibahan between COL Starter and EIP? kasi pareho nmn silang 5k ang start up.

        2. Another tanong ko sir, kung mag start po ba ako ng EIP let say sa isang company at nakita ko bumababa ang kanyang rating for the next 5 months, hindi na ba ako pwede lumipat ng ibang company sa mga susunod na buwan ng paghuhulog ko? Thanks?

        • says

          Iisa lang ang COL Starter at EIP.

          Depende yan sa gagawin mong strategy. Kung “buy-and-hold” ang gagawin mo for your stocks, pwede yun. Pero kung cost-averaging via EIP ang gagawin mo, better stick to the same stocks all throughout your investing journey.

          • alyn says

            good day Burn ^ ^. my ask lng po me. pede po ba 2 companies at the same time me mg buy ng stocks and hold it for 20 to 30 years? it is ok? tnx burn..

      • retireable soon says

        Sirs, As per my understanding, mas maganda kung mahigit 5K investment mo kasi may minimum fee din ung investment, transaction fee for an investment of 8k is same for 5K or 2k, so better invest atleast 8k for every stock para tipid sa transaction fee,
        Please correct me if my understanding is wrong….

        • says

          Ideally, mas makakatipid ka sa mga transaction fees and charges if you invest 8k or more per transaction. But not everyone has the capacity to invest that amount on a regular basis. Besides, we should not worry too much about the charges and fees dahil in the long run, the gains will definitely be way bigger dahil hindi ka naman mag-iinvest forever ng 5k lang per month. Your income and cash flow will surely grow as well as you continue investing.

  10. Divine Joy R. Ruplo says

    good day! can i still have a trial account to access a COL account? since my first trial for seven days had already expired… do u still have some virtual/online seminars to know the stock market or just a demo on how to manage stocks when u already have an account at COL?

  11. Jefferson john Santos says

    Hi! I am an OFW and im interested in buying stocks. I have some investments in BPI (ALFM) and FAMI (First Metro) but i want to learn more in investing. My friends referred me to have an account in CITISECONLINE but until now, i am not registered. I need some of your best advices. thanks

  12. Joseph Mequin says

    Greetings to COLFinancial Personnels. Sir, I am about to submit my application form – I have some query on the Customer Bank Account Details part – kasi as of now, I only have 1 bank account (UnionBank). Okay na po ba ito or would you recommend that I open another savings account on other bank. Thank you po and more power!

    • jo says

      i am an ofw and a newbie in the stockmarket. what i did was first go through the episodes of pesos and sense and other youtube materials. then i visited the colfinancial website and learned how to open an account. i read and reread it. though i already have a bank account in the philippines, i opted to open a savings account with bpi here because they have a representative office. as soon as i got my account number i enrolled in their online banking to access the bills payment service to fund my would-be portfolio with colfinancial. i inquired through phone from colfinancial just to confirm the requirements before sending it off through courier. now i am just waiting for the approval of colfinancial so that i can transfer the fund to them. hope this helps joseph mequin.

  13. Maryjane sulit says

    Please send me a guideline on how to join or buy stocks. Do’s and dont’s and othe procedures.

    • says

      Maryjane, it’s important that you browse the whole Pesos and Sense site to get your answers. Investing in “self-initiated” learning is the first step in the guidelines that you are looking for.

      You may also watch Pesos and Sense in Youtube.

  14. tunay na mahirap says

    nagsend na po ako ng scanned copies ng required documents sa helpdesk ng COL (helpdesk@colfinancial.com) pero wala pa rin po reply. hindi ko po alam kung nababasa nila. matagal po ba talaga sila magreply? atat na atat na po kasi ako mag invest eh. haha

      • tunay na mahirap says

        nagsend po ako kahapon pero wala pa reply. nagsend po uli ako kaninang umaga kasi may changes ako sa address ko. dapat same pala dun sa bank statement.

        nagreply po saken si ms. sheryll zulueta. inexplain nia saken kung paano ang gagawin ko. sinend ko sa kanya scanned copies ng docs pero wala pa rin reply. busy pa siguro.

        nid ko pa po ba sabihin dito ang full name ko? hehe hindi po pede private message na lang :)

        • says

          But you already posted your name. :D Anyways, expect mo na lang ang reply ng COL within the week. I heard na madami kase ang applicants ngayon. Pwede mo rin naman follow up ngayon via email.

          • tunay na mahirap says

            “tunay na mahirap” po name ko dito. XD XD XD

            wait ko na lang po. ofw kasi ako dito sa sg. 20SGD (halos 660 pesos) ang padala as LBC. kaya gusto ko muna ipacheck sa kanila kasi baka mareject. sayang naman ang effort at oras. hehe.

          • retireable soon says

            OFW din po ako dito sa Shanghai and l sent my application to COL last Feb. 22, no reply until now. I am waiting reply from my follow-up email sent late this afternoon.

            can you please invite me also in your FB group “OFW usapang piso”

            Thanks po

  15. tunay na mahirap says

    question po. masasabi po bang divesification ito? for example meron ka fund na 6000 a month. sa loob ng 5 taon, bibili ka ng stocks monthly sa tatlong magkakaibang companies, eg. 2000 sa JFC, 2000 sa BPI, 2000 sa SMPH. ok lang po ba ang paraang ito?

    • says

      Ang securities ay general term ng isang financial instrument na tumutukoy sa pag-aari mo ng shares ng isang kumpanya o di kaya ay ang pagpapautang mo sa gobyerno o privadong kumpanya through bonds.

      In short, ang stocks ay isang uri ng security.

  16. tunay na mahirap says

    question po about COL
    -kapag ibinenta ko po ang stocks ko, paano ko po maiilipat sa bank account ko yung pera?
    -may minimum po ba ng amount sa fund?
    -kung sakaling gusto ko na magquit sa paggamit ng system. pede po ibenta ko na lang lahat ng stocks ko? at ilipat lahat ng pera sa bank account? wala pong fees o babayaran?

  17. tunay na mahirap says

    question po. nabasa ko po ung EIP plus/ accumulator plus ni mr. Bo Sanchez. correct me if i’m wrong, mag cocost average ka sa mga companies na undervalued. pag narating na nila ang target price, ibebenta mo lahat ang stocks mo. sa ganung paraan daw po, malaki ang return of investment.

    -ang tanong ko po, paano po malalaman na undervalued ang isang company? makikita po ba ung sa system ng citisec?
    -bakit po mas malaki ang kita sa ganitong paraan kumpara sa tipikal na cost averging?
    -sa EIP plub po, after po maibenta lahat ng stocks dahil narating na ng company ang target price, ano na po ang gagawin dun sa pera? hahanap ng new company na undervalue tapos LAHAT ng pinagbentahan ay ibibili uli ng stocks? o cost averaging uli hanggang marating ng company ang target price?

    • says

      Hindi naman undervalued ang mga choice stocks na ito na recommended ni Bo Sanchez. Strategic averaging method (SAM) ang tawag dito. Medium-term investing ang horizon mo dito. Bibili ka ng shares at buy below prices na recommended ng COL at ibebenta mo sya once na maabot ang target price.

      Mas mabuti na bisitahin mo ang Investment Guide para makita ang mga companies na recommended pati na rin ang buy below/target prices. Pwede ka din subscribe sa Truly Rich CLub ni Bo para mas maintindihan mo.

      • tunay na mahirap says

        san po makikita ang investment guide na ito?

        balak ko rin po magsubscribe sa truly rich club. ofw po ako, dapat po ba sa trulyrichclub:Gold-international ako magsubscribe. mas mahal kasi sia eh. kung pede sana dun sa trulyrichclub:Gold-Philippines na lang. 500php lang un eh. php din ang currency ng credit card ko.

    • says

      Parang bangko lang din. Fill out ka ng withdrawal form galing sa stockbroker mo. At sila na magdedeposit sa bank account mo. Pwede rin gawan ka nila ng cheke at ikaw ang kukuha sa opisina ng stockbroker mo.

      • lester says

        Hi Aya,

        I want to start with this. Pero I dont know how kasi wala pa ako maxadong alam regarding sa stock market. Please help and give me some guidelines. I want to start on this with investment of 10k-20k. Thanks very much in advance. Here’s my email: lmpalisoc_14@yahoo.com

        • says

          Basta i-check mo ang mga websites ng COL Financial at FirstMetroSec. Sa COL, kailangan mo mag-register online sa website nila para sa FREE seminars sa Ortigas office nila.

          Meron din akong online seminar sa March 22, pero may bayad ito. Meron din akong free seminar in partnership with COlayco Foundation sa April 5. Email mo ko sa burndvinyard @ yahoo . com kung gusto mo maka-attend ng mga webinars na ito sa harap ng computer mo. :)

  18. eric says

    Hi i have a question. Im also interested in investing but I just noticed that after the initial investment, lets say 5k, is it necessary to add your investment every month?

      • Eric 2 says

        Hi Sir,

        After your initial capital, is it MANDATORY to add investment every month or can you do it at random times? Let’s say after 4 months or next month or generally varying length of intervals between additional investments. I’m interested about starting an account with COL but I’m worried if there’s a maintaining amount that you have add every month since I don’t have a stable source of income. Hope you can answer. Thanks!

  19. aena says

    Hi. I wany to know if may ma rereceive po ako na docs from COL as a proof po na may investment ako sa stocks. kagaya po sa banko, if ever may mangyari sa akin, makikita po sa mga persol docs ko na may. na may bank acct ako through sa passbooks ko. papanu og stocks investment ko na in-open ko sa COL, how would my family know n may mga binili po ako na shares? May ibibigay din po ba sa akin na stock certificates?

    • says

      Kailangan aware ang family mo na mayroon kang stock investment account sa COL Financial.

      Para ma-claim nila ang proceeds ng investment mo sa COL in case na mawala ka, ito ang mga requirements:

      Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement of Estate with Affidavit of Self-Adjudication
      Proof of filing of the Deed with the Registry of Deeds where estate is located. (stamp at the back of #1).
      Proof of publication with Affidavit of Publication of the Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement.
      Proof of payment of estate tax with tax clearance. (Kailangan magbayad ng estate tax ang maiiwan mong asawa/pamilya bago nila ma-claim ang proceeds ng investment mo.)
      Certificate of Marriage between spouses duly issued bye the National Statistics Office (NSO).
      Certificate of Death of client.
      Proof of identification of client and surviving spouse.

      Pwede din mag-open ng account ang asawa mo para ma-transfer sa kanya ang stock positions mo at cash balances. Same din ng procedures sa pag-open ng new account.

      Search mo lang sa Google ang blog post ko na “What Happens To Your Stocks When You Die?”.

      • aena says

        hi. thanks the prompt reply. for clarification please…

        yung form po kasi na na-fill out ko ay walang tanong about sino beneficiaries..however may portion po doon na name of spouse. does this mean na automatic ung spouse ang beneficiary? i am just kinda worried if ganun po ksi i want my child to be my sole beneficiary since my husband and i were no longer together though we’re not yet legally separated or ndi pa po annulled ung marriage.

        another one? pwede po ba buy shares of several companies sa eip? thanks

        • says

          Hindi po nilalagay ng mga brokers sa forms nila yung beneficiaries. Part ng estate o ari-arian mo ang mga investments mo. Pwde mong gawin ay ilagay ang pangalan ng anak mo as secondary account holder, fill out nyo lang ang additional na ITF or In-Trust Form.

          Kumonsulta po kayo sa isang abogado na kaibigan ninyo regarding sa pagsasalin ng ari-arian ninyo sa anak nyo. Normally po kase ay sa surviving spouse muna napupunta ang lahat ng estates pag nawala kayo.

          Pwedeng bumili kahit ilang shares sa kahit ilang companies po. Pero ideally ay yun lang dapat po kaya ninyong mamanage.

          • aena says

            hi again.

            nkapagsubmit na po kc ako ng application form and i already have an account number, though hindi pa po activated…need ko pa ho ba mgsubmit ng bagong filled out form? where po ako pwede makakuha ng itf form?sa col din po ba? pls note, minor pa po ung child ko. thanks again

        • says

          Oo, In-Trust For ang ibig sabihin ng ITF, meaning para sa mga minors nga ito. Subukan nyo na muna na tawagan ang COL Helpdesk ng derecho para mas mabilis ang response sa 651-5888. Kung pwede pa nila i-amend ang application form mo.

  20. mhickaela says

    im just 21yrs old and i owned small businesses,im interested about investing in big companies.sa ngayon di di ko pa po talaga maintindihan about investing but soon ill study by reading and watching videos.actually wala pa po talaga akong bank account pero im using my sisters bank account for saving money,kung mag aaply ako bank account anu po ba best bank para sa investing?taz pano po mag online seminar?

    • says

      @mhikaela, kailangan mo mag-open ng account sa isang stockbroker para makapag-invest sa stocks. Isa ang COL Financial sa mga kilalang stockbrokers sa Pilipinas. Kahit wala ka pang sariling bank account, pwede ka na mag-invest sa stocks. Pero siempre mas convenient kung mag-open ka ng bank account sa kahit alin sa BPI, BDO or Metrobank.

      May libreng seminars ang COL Financial sa Ortigas. Samantalahin mo yun kesa sa magbayad ka para sa online seminars.

  21. Marvin says

    for example yung company na pinaginvestan ko is nag earn for this year ng 15 % , does this mean also na yung share ko is tataas din by that amount?


  22. arvenz says

    hi, m new to this stock investment. Is d 5k only 4 opening an acct and i have to make addtl funds during investing? Or can i use it 2 buy stock and then fund it when i have more money n? Tnx 4 d advice…

  23. arvenz says

    hi, m new to this stock investment. Is d 5k only 4 opening an acct and i have to make addtl funds during investing? Or can i use it 2 buy stock and then fund it when i have more money n? Tnx 4 d advice.

  24. rhetts says

    anyone pls. enlighten me about ths type of invesment. pano pp ba kalakaran dto.. invest? panu ang income?.. need to attend seminar. san po ba my free seminar? thank u..

    • says

      rhett, I suggest that you keep on reading all the blog posts here in order to understand how to invest in the stock market. Visit COL Financial and FirstMetroSec websites to check on their schedule of free seminars.

  25. arvenz says

    thank u burn/pesos and sense 4 d prompt reply. Being a stay-at-home mom, still want to know a lot of info regarding investing b4 i jump into it. pwd b n ipangalan s hubby ko ang mga acct pero ako ang mag manage as contact s broker?

  26. yamanna says

    ask ko lang po pag long term ba kahit hindi ko ibenta ang stocks ko kikita pa rin ako? balak ko kasi mag invest for long term basis kasi nasa labas kami di ba at matagalan ang uwi .. thanks po

    • says

      Define mo muna kung ano ang “long-term” para sa yo. Kung less than 5 years yan, hindi yan long-term. Ang long-term ay 10 years and more. Kung regular kang bibili ng stocks every month at hindi mo ito ibebenta for 10 years or more, malaki ang magiging returns mo.

  27. Noel says

    Good day po master burn, me question lang po ako. Si misis po kasi merong Meralco Stock Certificate – 303 shares with par value of 10 Php wayback 2001. Ang gusto kasi nya, iconvert na sa cash. Paano po ba proceso kung gusto ng papalitan ng cash ang stock certificate at magkano na po ang halaga nito? Maraming Salamat.

    P.S. I’ am planning to invest in the stock market through COL Financial using the EIP strategy. Maraming salamat at me ganitong website/blogsites na talaga namang nakakatulong sa mga tulad kong newbie.

    • Bernard Gutierrez says

      Noel, kind get in touch with the Stockholder Affairs section of Meralco:

      Stockholder Affairs
      G/F Lopez Bldg., Meralco Center, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City
      Tel. No.: COMMON:
      (632) 1622-8884, (632) 1622-8765
      (632) 1622-8616, (632) 1622-2700, (632) 1622-8883
      Fax No. (632) 632-8885
      E-mail: stockholder.affairs @ meralco.com.ph or
      stockholder.affairs.staff @ meralco.com.ph

  28. cheryl bernales says

    ask ko lang po kung ok lang na ang bank account ko ay walang passbook, atm lang sya . ginagamit ko sya sa salary ng husband ko n ofw?

    • Bernard Gutierrez says

      Para saan po ang bank account? Balak ninyo po bang mag-open ng stock investment account? Kahit anong bank account ay pwede po. Pero to fund your account, meron lang specific na banks na pwedeng gamitin.

  29. gudto ko says

    Walang kasiguruhan. Pwedeng tumaas, pwedeng bumagsak. Pero kung matutunan mo kung pano ang dapat gawin, hindi masasayang ang pagiinvest mo. After 15 years milyonaryo ka na kung susundin mo ang tamang paraan.
    Huwag mo lalong sayangin ang oras mo na walang gagawin sa pera mo na kakainin lang ng INFLATION taon taon.

    reply lang po sa answer nyo na yan:
    un nga po problema ko…hindi ko pa po alam ung mga diskarte at kung yung mga dapat gawin at inaaral ko pa ung mga words na ginagamit sa investing…un sa site po..gusto ko lang po malaman kung kailan bibili ng stocks and kung kailan ibebenta ..san ko po un makikita sa account ng COLFinancial kung merun na po akong account dun…salamat po ng marami

  30. says

    You are so awesome! I don’t think I’ve truly read a single thing like this before.

    So wonderful to find another person with some unique thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is required on the web, someone with some originality!

  31. gusto ko says

    compound interest po ba kahit anong klaseng mutual fund at ung buying shares sa stock market through COL?

  32. Rose Manaois says

    Hello po, wanted to ask if i can put my husband under Secondary acct. holder. Kailangan din po ba nyang mag-provide ng same requirement as mine as a primary holder?

  33. Jimmy says

    Hi,I’m enterested in EIP,pwede po us$ bank account wala po kasi akong peso account at wala rin po ako Tin no.Thaks….

    • Bernard Gutierrez says

      Kailangan lang naman ang Philippine bank account kapag mag-redeem/withdraw ka na ng proceeds. Pero on your application, pwede mo indicate na soon to follow na lang. Kahit walang TIN for now ok lang.

  34. Francis says

    Hi good day to all of you,

    Ganda ng mga articles nyu very informative and educational. Ask ko lang po sana sa inyu ok ba mag invest sa mga mutual funds? or direkta mag invest na sa individual stocks?

  35. Francis says

    Hi good day to all of you,

    I’m a newbie in stocks, Tanung ko sana sa inyu if advisable ba mag invest sa mutual funds or direkta ng mag invest sa stocks ng specific na company?

    • says

      Ano ba ang goals mo? Hindi natin pwede ikumpara ang dalawa dahil depende yan sa investing/risk profile mo. Pwede ka sabay na maginvest ng direct sa stocks or sa iba’t ibang klase ng mutual funds depende kung saan mo gagamitin ang kikitain mo dito in the future.

      • Francis says

        Thanks Sir Burn Gutierrez, for long term ang goals ko, bale po I’m 28 years old and ang plano ko mag invest sa stocks or mutual funds para in the future gagamitn ko yung pera pang aral ng magiging mga anak ko if ever magka pamilya ako on my own po

  36. Mischelle says

    I already registered at COL financial, nakakatuwa kc wla pa one month lumaki na yung nilagay ko 5k kumpara sa company sobrang liit ng interest. Question q lng po, di po ba nakakatakot bumili ng hindi blue chips company na lower pa sa piso ang halaga ng per stock?

      • edisonm says

        Sir,, yung gain po ba ng stocks ko automatic syang mag aadd sa account ko?ganun din yung loss,,
        Isa pa pong tanong doon po sa long term investment ok lng kung halimbawa na patlangan mo ng kahit isang buwan lng at sa sunod na buwan doon ka nlang bumawi uli ng pag bili,,thank u po,,

  37. Eric 2 says

    Hi Sir,

    After your initial capital, is it MANDATORY to add investment every month or can you do it at random times? Let’s say after 4 months or next month or generally in varying length of intervals between additional investments. I’m interested about starting an account with COL but I’m worried if there’s a maintaining amount that you have add every month since I don’t have a stable source of income. Hope you can answer. Thanks!

    • says

      I suggest that you do it quarterly if you say that you can’t invest every month. There’s no maintaining amount but it’s best that you invest the same amount periodically.

    • says

      Depende yan sa capacity mo na mag-save every month @cathydoydoy. Personal na desisyon yan kung monthly mo gusto maginvest. Set your long-term goals para masagot mo ang tanong na yan.

      • Mr. A. says

        Sir, mukang ung tanong ng marami eh tanong ko din,,,, about po sa if “mandatory po ba na monthly ung pagbili ng stocks”? or dun po ba sa col/bpitrade may pipiliin na program or may iddedeclare na mode ng pagbabayad kung papano ang pagiinvest? (if monthly o quarterly o etc)……. or nasa individual trader na pag nakabili ng stocks ngaun nasa kanya na kung bibili sya next month or 4 months or next year? un po bang pagbili ko once or initially let say beginner naglagay ako ng 5k pesos sa stock A, at pinabayaan ko na eh hindi sya magagalaw o mababawasan after 1 year o 2 yrs, etc?
        un po bang stocks ko let say initial investment ko ay main? meaning pag binenta ko bukas short term investment (or day trade), at pag pinabayaan ko lang (pwd ding dagdagan pag may pera) un na ung snsbi na long term investment?

        tnx po :-)

  38. Jayson reloj says

    Sir aya pano po mag open ng account un mga nsa abroad n kgya ko? Pno po magpasa ng requirements at kung klangan p po b ng personal appearance? Gusto kn po mag invest ngaun s stock market prblema hndi ko alam pno mag open ng account kmi mga nsa abroad. Tnx

    • retireable soon says

      Hi, you may apply online and send your requirements thru email (application forms, IDs, Proof of billing).
      Once accepted they will send your account number and password sa email address mo.
      But, for COLFinancial, your account will only be activated after you transferred the required initial trading fund.
      For FirstMetrosec, no need initial amount as long as you have account with MBTC.

      You may read also their corresponding websitesfor additional information

  39. Jimmy says

    Hi,I’m Ofw and I have dollars savings and time deposit account since 2006.soon I will invest in Col financial.what’s your openion/suggestion regarding my plan.yung $ saving account ko po balak kung close tapos idagdag ko dun sa time deposit account ko or widthraw ang saving account tapos invest ko sa stocks.Thanks and have a nice day.

  40. ferdie secor says

    good day sir… like ko pong mag invest pero hindi ko po alam kong pano. sana po matulungan po ninyo akp. ofw po ako..

  41. Mitch Canoog says

    hi! gusto ko sanang mag create ng acct.. just a bit confused though, is citisec and col just the same? and when it comes to withdrawing your money, how do you go about it? thanks

  42. annalisa magdadaro says

    Can I have the complete address in your office with contact number I want my husband to come your office for our starting investment. I hope to get in touch your reply soon. Thank you.

  43. Billy says

    hi i just went to bdo to open a bank account para sa col requirements…tanong ko lang anong klaseng account ba ang dapat ko iopen? puede ba yun atm na account o kailangan talaga may passbook? i did ask the staff in bdo and parang hindi ata alam yun palakad sa stock market..tnx

    • says

      Billy, sa stockbroker ka mag-open ng stock trading/investing account. Ang bank account lang ang gagamitin mo na pang-pondo sa stock investing account mo. Hindi talaga alam ng BDO branch staff ang tungkol sa stock market dahil hindi nila produkto ito. Unless UITF ang i-open mo sa kanila.

  44. Ymg says

    Obligado po bang mag top up every month? meron po bang option na maglagay ng pera, for example, mag open amounting to 10K, then mag top up every other 6 months or so?

    • says

      Hi Ymh, hindi ka obligado na magdagdag every month. Ikaw ang may control sa portfolio/investments mo. Pero pwede ka mag-set ng automatic buying using the EIP scheduler. Ikaw na bahala mag-set ng frequency kung monthly, quarterly, semi-annually.

  45. John29Single says

    Gud pm.. :-) plan ko mag invest sa EIP ng COL. halimbawa ngayong January lng ako mag buy ng 100K then next year nalang ako ulet maghulog 100K ok lng po ba? Yuko ko kc mag monthly. :-)

  46. John29Single says

    Plan ko mag invest sa EIP ng COL. Halimbawa ngayong January lng ako mag buy 100K then next year nalang ako ulet maghulog 100K ok lng po ba? Yuko ko kc mag monthly. :-)

    • says

      @sirdarkangel, ang ilan sa pagkakaiba ng pag-invest sa mutual funds versus direct stock market investing ay ang mga sumusunod:

      1) Mas diversified ang mutual funds dahil pwedeng lahat ng stocks/companies sa index ang pinagiinvestan nito. Yun nga lang pwede rin maging “over-diversified” at pwedeng maging dahilan na hindi maging ganun kalaki ang potential gains mo.
      2) Merong fund manager na sya nang bahala para maginvest ng pera mo sa stock market o iba pang klase ng securities. Yun nga lang, walang control sa portfolio mo dahil kumbaga yung fund manager ang driver ng sasakyan at pasahero ka lang. :)
      3) Hindi mo na masyado kailangan magmonitor or pag-aralan ang stocks lalo na kung wala ka masyadong libreng oras.

  47. erix says

    hello, im new in investing, how many times do i have to put funds on my account? if i say ill open with P10,000, with eip for col financial, do i have to put more funds after i bought the stocks, thank you :D

  48. erix says

    hello, im new in investing, how many times do i have to put funds on my account? if i say ill open with P10,000, with eip for col financial, do i have to put more funds after i bought the stocks, thank you :)

    • says

      It’s up to you. There is no maintaining balance in stock investing. However, to instill discipline in your wealth-building, it’s best that you regularly put fixed amount to buy stocks every month. Can you continuously buy stocks worth 10k every month?

      • erix says

        hi sir, thanks for your reply, another question, what are your criteria in choosing your company for investment? thank you sir in advance hehe, i just receive my account number for col financial :D

  49. miksy says

    Hello and good day,
    I have been curious about investing in the stock market for a while now, but i am afraid to start because i don’t know how and when to do it. I have already started researching about investing and hopefully you can help me understand more.

    • says

      Where are you based Miksy? If you are in Manila, you may attend the free basic stock investing seminars offered by stockbrokers like COL Financial, Philstocks, FirstMetroSec, etc. Just Google them to get to their sites and check out their respective schedules. If you are outside the Philippines, watch all the videos of Pesos and Sense in this site and in Youtube.

  50. Rommel says

    Hi Sir,

    Interesado po ako dito. Kaya ko naman po yung 5K na initial down pero baka monthly ang kayanin ko lang eh upto 3K monthly. May sggestion po ba kayo?


  51. dayna candava says

    isa akong ofw.. i want to invest in stock through eip.. my plan po ako umuwi this august..alin po ba billing statement kelangan ko… either sa pinas pareho wala ako..pero sabi pwede sa tinitirhan for example sa parents ko.. or dito sa abroad sa amo ko. tama po ba..
    isa pa po.. as of now wala po ako bank account jan sa pinas.. pwede po ba na ang initial investment o top up ay thourgh western union..

    • says


      Eto ang ilang proof of billing na pwede mo i-submit:

      Billing Statement
      o Note: Lessee should still have a letter from the Lessor
      o Note: If no bills under your Name, you may submit a copy of current bill under Parent’s or Sibling’s Name
      o Note: Address must be consistent in all forms with the Proof of Billing submitted

      * PROOF OF BILLING: current photocopy
      1. Phone Bill
      2. Electric bill
      3. Water bill
      4. Cable bill
      5. Internet bill
      6. Insurance Policy
      7. Bank statement
      8. Credit card bill
      9. Passbook with address
      10. Club membership statement of account
      11 . Club Association Statement of account

      At ang iba pinapayagan din na i-submit ang remittance slip, pero ipakita mo muna ito sa helpdesk ng COL kung pwede na ang details na nakalagay.

  52. Seph says

    Hi, is BPI Trade a reliable broker? I am planning to invest in stock market using BPI-Trade as my broker and they already accepted my application. I selected this broker because my mom works at Honda Cars w/c is owned by Ayala Group. Any advise will be appreciated.

  53. tba says

    Ano ba ang mechanic ng TBA na dividend kung declared ngayong taon 2014 ba ay ngayong taon din ibibigay ?
    Salamat po

    • retireable soon says

      sure, depende yan sa budget mo, just for information, ung fee in investing 1K is same if u invest 8K.
      So if meron kang 8K, its better to invest it together na.

  54. says

    Then traveling and making money off timeshare is the way to go.
    It depends upon yoyr ability to get others tto click your affiliate link.
    There are a few upsells, as with any product, but they are not necessary to
    effectively use the product.

  55. Barb says

    Hi, i am planning to open an accunt with citisec this week, but I am not working right now. My source of funds would be remittance from my husband, i just want to ask regarding the billing statement requirement . The latest bill that i have her with me is the credit card billing statement but it only has my huband’s name in it. Will citisec accept it?
    And do you have any links where i can find info regarding how the kids will inherit the stocks i have accumulated?

  56. Francisco Enrique says

    Hi! Ignorant pa po ako sa stock investing. When you trade your stock will it be bought automatically or you need to wait until someone buys it. thanks!

    • retireable soon says

      your stock will only be sold once your asking price is matched by a bid price. Normally it happens in a day.
      You need to see stock qoutes to know the range of the bid price and ask price.

  57. Mitch says

    Hi po ask ko lang po paano po ba ang dapat gawin kapag deceased na yung share holder of stocks kasi po yung friend ko namatay na po both parents nya… silang 3 magkakapatid n lng po ang natira hindi nila alam ang dapat gawin kasi wala pong naiwan na will ung father nila

  58. JettReyes says

    Ask ko lang po, kung mag invest po ako ng 5k, need ko po bang maghulog ng amount every month? pede na po ba yung voter certification sa requirement kc hnd pa po narerelease yung voters i.d ko, and sino po pedeng maka-usap about po sa pag iinvest. .para mai-guide po ako. im just 20 yrs old.

  59. JettReyes says

    Ask ko lang po, kung mag invest po ako ng 5k, need ko po bang maghulog ng amount every month? pede na po ba yung voter certification sa requirement kc hnd pa po narerelease yung voters i.d ko, and sino po pedeng maka-usap about po sa pag iinvest. .para mai-guide po ako. im just 20 yrs old and i like to start early

  60. Edmund says

    Dear Sir Aya,
    I had been following all your videos in Pesos and Sense and I am planning to open up an EIP investment at CitiSecOnline. By the way I am an OFW and plans to invest a medium to long term investment through EIP. I started opening a 7 day trial account at CitiSecOnline for browsing and mastery of the website. My question is, can you help or at least give me a brief orientation of which fields or part of the website I should look into when buying stocks. As well as, do you have any links or materials I can look up into as a beginner of this website so that I can understand what are those variables inside it and how to start investing on it. Thanks and I will appreciate if you could help me figure out how to use my citiseconline trial account.

  61. magie says

    Hi, nag invest po ako sa FirstMetro kasi po wala akong time magtingin ng stock market.
    Klangan po ba kung mag iinvest s stock market, marunong tumingin ng stocks?
    tsaka matagal po b tlga bago ma-wiwithdraw ung ininvest sa stocks?

  62. Belle says

    I just watched Aya on YouTube with regard to investing. Actual, I have been researching, watching, and reading about investing for a few months. I just want to know, kapag free lancer lang ako at customer kong sumali sa stock trading, will it be fit for me? I mean hindi sure na makapaghulog ako monthly sa investment, wala ba akong penalty? I am planning to open an account with BPI but then I am not sure of which term of investment would I choose soon. I work 9 to 5. Hindi ba talaga ako puede sa stock trading, do I need to monitor the stock market every day? Thanks for any reply.

  63. betty salenga says

    Sir Aya, in a COL account, how? if in case of death of client of COL . is there any beneficiary from the family must continue to process the shares we bought to COL. Is beneficiary is in the certificate..

  64. Ana Marie Visto says

    Good day! What if I invest using the COL Plus which needs an initial inv of 25k po. Do i need to have additional investment every month po? or whenever I want na lang? kasi sa cost averaging monthly po kasi. thanks.

  65. Henry says

    Tanong lang po, let’s say for 10 years I am able to
    keep my stocks this long, for sure, yung bilang ng
    stocks marami– HOW CAN I SELL IT? Same
    procedure din po ba? Can I sell it all at a time? Pls
    excuse me if this is a stupid or a repeated question.
    Salamat po. :))))

  66. Henry says

    Tanong lang po, let’s say for 10 years I am able to
    keep my stocks this long, for sure, yung bilang ng
    stocks marami– HOW CAN I SELL IT? Same
    procedure din po ba? Can I sell it all at a time? Pls
    excuse me if this is a stupid or a repeated question.
    Salamat po mga master.

  67. says

    hi! pwede po ba ipangalan ko sa anak ko yun stock na bibilin ko.mga bata pa po sila, gusto ko po sana paglaki nila kung sakali may investment na sila na pde ipagpatuloy.salamat po!

  68. Corrine says

    saan ko po makikita yung kita ng mga binili kong shares sa mga companies na pinili ko.. saan sa col site ko po makikita yun. thanks

  69. jane says

    gusto ko pong matuto ang anak ko in investing, he’s just 18yrs old, ok lng po ba mag attend sya ng seminar at mag invest sa stocks?

  70. Donna Mae says


    I am planning to invest in COL, ask ko po sana if i will open an account with them, and buy some stocks, how would i get my proof that i have invested with them kasi hassle on my part kasi sa Iloilo pa po ako. Thanks.

  71. Lito Jimenez says

    Hi, since i heard of peso n sense, i’ve been reading ariticles and watching their video.
    Aya open my mind as an OFW on investing, thats why planning to get one like mutual fund and the stock
    also. always pop out on every site is COL, assist me on this. have been saving on bank for longer time, now the time to switch to profitable rewarding stock market

  72. says

    Hi Lito, i suggest you download the forms from the COL website now. Fill them out, and then together with either your bank statement or credit card statement, and one valid Philippine government-issued ID, scan them and email them to the COL Helpdesk. One of their Helpdesk officers will let you know if all the requirements you submitted are okay or not. If okay, they will tell you to send all the original documents to the COL Financial office via courier. You will also be asked to deposit the minimum required amount of Php5,000. That amount will be credited to your portfolio later on. You can use this to buy your first stocks under COL Financial. Hope this helps.

  73. Kent says

    I am really interested in investing on Stock Market. I’m thinking of opening an account with BPInvest since I am banking with them. I just want to know, which is better? BPI? Citisec? or COLF? And also, which firm offers lower fees since I’m still new to this industry. thanks!

  74. says

    @Kent, Citisec is the former name of COL Financial. They are one and the same. If you have an account with BPI, then enroll with BPI-Trade. You don’t need to have a minimum amount to enroll. But to have real-time and reliable information and support, I suggest you open an account with COL Financial.

  75. Tambok says

    BPI banko yan, Citisec stock broker yan
    kung gusto mo stock eh di sa stock broker ka pumunta,nakalagay sa article(Choose a stock broker)
    hindi naman sinabi choose a bank

  76. Kent says

    Thank you so much for those information sir. As you may see, Im really new in this field so all your suggestions/advices are greatly appreciated. Well I guess I have to open one acct with bpi trade and hopefully transfer to citisec

  77. says

    On the other hand, BPI has an online stock trading platform called BPI-Trade. It is managed and owned by the BPI Securities Corporation. It is a stockbroker. One thing good with BPI-Trade is that you don’t need Php5,000 or any amount to apply for a stock trading account. Just make sure you have funds in your BPI bank account before you start trading/investing.

    Metrobank’s First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC) also has a stockbrokerage house licensed to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) called First Metro Securities (FirstMetroSec). Applying for a stock trading account here does not require an initial amount as well.

    But personally, COL Financial provides more comprehensive approach, analysis, and support to newbie traders and investors.

  78. says

    Sir, ang hindi ko maintindihan Sa peso cost averaging yong buy and sell halimbawa kapag naka pag open ako, and then nag funding ako every month or whatsoever, pano bumili/mag benta ng stock online? san ko sya titingnan?

  79. says

    Eve, meron mga online stockbrokers katulad ng COL Financial, Philstocks, AB Capital, BPI-Trade, Firstmetrosec, etc. Kailangan mo muna mag-apply sa kanila ng account bago ka makabili ng stocks online.

    Ang peso cost-averaging ay isang strategy para sa long-term investment. Ang ibig sabihin, bili ka lang ng bili ng stocks every month or quarter nang hindi nagbebenta/sell ng stocks. Saka mo lang ibebenta ito pagdating ng target year mo, let’s say after 10 years or 20 years when the market is up.

  80. Jess says

    Hi Burn (and others reading this as well),

    Mag-oopen Sana ako Ng account with Citisec. The EIP product looks good, as is the peso cost average strategy. I understand na this suits people who go for long term investment. I want this, pero at the same time I also want to have the flexibility to buy and sell different stocks as often as I want especial kung malalim na Yung knowledge ko about stock trading. Will EIP allow me this? Or kailangan Yung COL trader na agad? Ang intention ko kasi is to invest muna on particular stocks for a few months, buy same stocks when it’s low and sell when high just to get the hang of it, then if hasa Na konti, buy and sell other stocks as I monitor the market. I’m new to this as a player (never owned stocks) pero I’m a CPA din so I have the background and there’s so much resources on the net. Ano ho recommendation nyo?


  81. says

    Hi Jess,

    Free ka na gawin any strategy even with an EIP account. Sort of reminder lang naman yun for your periodic buying of stocks. Start with cost-averaging then continue learning tapos ikaw na bahal later on if you want to proceed with that strategy or apply a new one. Pero personally, kung busy ka naman lagi at long-term naman ang horizon mo, I’ll stick with EIP/cost-averaging. :)

  82. Geri says

    Hello! If I get the EIP, what is the ideal number of companies should I invest into? Im planning to invest long term kasi (10yrs) worth2000-3000 pesos every month.

  83. gusto ko.. says

    Gud eve po Sir Burn..gusto ko pong itry to pero i am still a newbie on this kind of business..so paano po mag start?

  84. says

    Depende po kung ilang shares ang kakasya sa budget ninyo. For example, ang price per share ng BDO is P83.60. Since ang minimum na pwedeng bilhin sa BDO ay 10 shares, P83.60 x 10 shares = P836. So may matitira pa kayo na P2,164 pambili ng shares ng iba namang companies.

  85. says

    Depende yan sa price per share and minimum boardlot ng bibilhin mong company. For example, ang JFC (Jollibee) ngayon ay P150 per share. Ang minimum boardlot or pinakamababang required na number na shares na pwede mong bilhin at 10 shares. So P150 x 10 shares = P1,500.

    Please remember na gumagalaw ang price per share kaya yung budget mo na P2,000 to P3,000 ay maaaring magbago at maapektuhan. Mas mainam siguro sa equity mutual fund or equity UITF ka na lang mag-invest kung fixed ang budget mo per month. Diversified ka pa. :)

  86. Bernard Gutierrez says

    Hello. Pinakauna na dapat mong gawin ay mag-aral. Simulan mo sa pagbabasa ng mga articles at blog dito. Panuorin mo din ang mga video clips ng Pesos and Sense. Kapag naintindihan mo na, saka natin pagusapan ang pag-open ng stock investment account.

  87. gusto ko says

    may nakita po akong mga videos dito sa site nyo..pwede ko po bang gamitin un to enhance my knowledge about this business?at ung videos na po ba un eh un po rin ba ang mga tinatacle sa mga seminars?gud day po

  88. Bernard Gutierrez says

    Magagamit mo ang mga video clips na yan para ma-orient ka sa basics ng investing. Mas mainam pa din na umattend ka ng trainings dahil madaming areas nito ang hindi nababanggit sa mga video clips na yan. Meron free seminars ang mga stockbrokers gaya ng COL Financial. Pwede kang magpareserve ng seats sa kanila. Meron din ang Pesos and Sense na paid seminars. Pakitignan na lang po ng mga details sa Seminars tab sa taas.

  89. gusto ko says

    so you mean kung aatend po ako ng mga seminar maiintindihan ko na po lahat about investing?ganun po ba un?tga northern luzon po kasi ako and malabo pong maka attent ako ng free seminars ng COL Financial kaya gusto ko po malaman ung online seminar..

  90. says

    Maiintindihan mo ang basics kung interesado ka talagang matuto. Pwede ka attend ng recorded online seminar ng Pesos and Sense. Paki-check na lang sa menu sa taas. Pay through Paypal/credit card.

  91. bull rider says

    Good Morning Sir Aya,

    I just started investing in stocks thru COL just a month ago, though I have been researching about investment and personal finace for quite some time already, I still consider myself as a newbie and still very interested to learn more… I am writing this to solicit your suggestions (others also welcome to comment) about choosing stock and how to allocate funds properly to maximize returns at the same time diversify them for protection…
    With regards to choosing stock, which of the following is more important and at which order (PE, ROE, P/BV, growth rate, dividend)? And how do we allocate funds with respect to this?
    Thank you very much for all your contributions, god bless :D


    hi Mr. Aya isa akong ofw sa qatar gusto ko lng mag save 2k a month ppno po yan lalago wala po ako time mag monitor sa stock market kaya gusto ko lang po magsave ppno po sya lalago thanks

  93. says

    Maritess, you can set that amount every month to save for your emergency fund (worth 3-6 months of your expenses). Once it’s completed, you can add that to your investments. If in stock market, you need to open an account with a brokler (like COL Financial) or if you really don’t have time to monitor, you can find a mutual fund company and invest your money there.

  94. newbie says

    hi.. kung ang goal ko po ay mag invest so that after 20 years ay tumubo na yung pera (risk-free) ano po yung dapat kong kunin? govt bills po ba? sorry po kung non-sense… newbie po


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