March 16, 2015

If you recall back in 2013, the Philippine Stock Exchange went on a record-breaking tear as it broke through the 7,000 for the first time and then went through steep correction. The main culprit: Then FED Chairman Bernanke’s statements regarding the end of Quantitative Easing. Interestingly, once Quantitative Easing did end, equities resumed their upward trend.

This week, current FED Head Yellen is expected to discuss when they will raise U.S. interest rates. The concern is that if she indicates that the rate increase can be as early as this June, then equities will most likely drop in the short term. (Boooooo!!!) :(

However, since the underlying reason behind the rate hike is the supposed improvement of the U.S. economy as a whole, then the medium to long term prognosis for equities should still be positive. (Hooray!!!) :D

In fact you may want to take a look at any drop as a potential entry point into currently expensive stocks rather than as a reason to leave equities altogether.

Bakit Ba Mahirap Mag-invest?

Mahirap Maginvest

Lahat naman tayo gusto umasenso. Kaya naman tayo ay handang magtrabaho kahit sa ibang bansa para kumita ng malaki.

Alam din nating lahat na kailangan nating palaguhin ang perang kinita na natin bilang handa para sa panahong hindi na tayo pwede magtrabaho. Pero bakit nga ba ang hirap nito?

Sa aking palagay merong 3 na dahilan bakit nahihirapan tayong mga Pilipino.

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Rental Properties

Rental2One of the more popular ideas or strategies Pinoys have when it comes to generating income is buying properties and renting them out. After all, the image is sooo alluring — You work. Buy a property. Rent it out. Sit around and collect money on a monthly basis.
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Cebu Pacific



First of all, let me say that based on personal experience, I don’t like CEB (Cebu Pacific). I have taken several round-trip flights with them and in almost all cases, something went wrong. :p I actually still have a coupon for a free one-way ticket that I have absolutely no intention of using. Nevertheless though, they are one of the hotter stories in the Philippine Stock Exchange right now.

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Financial Education for Filipinos

PESOS AND SENSE aims to help Filipinos worldwide achieve their dreams for themselves and their families through financial education.

We have reached millions of Filipinos around the world through our TV show, blogs, seminars, and other online initiatives.

Representatives from numerous financial and investment companies, local and multinational, have told us that they use our videos and other educational materials for both training and sales.

We are proud.

We are honored.

We are happy.

Being able to contribute to making things easier and clearer for Filipinos so they can make the right money decisions is cool!

Anyone is more than welcome to use any of our materials for personal or business use.

Please. Use them.

We just appeal to you that PESOS AND SENSE and its founder, Mr Aya Laraya, be recognized when using our materials.
Removing, covering, and/or replacing our trademarks are unacceptable, especially when these are initiated by representatives of established financial institutions.


Have a good day :p


Right-Sized Living

Right Sized

…it’s not even always about living small, rather about living “right-sized.”
~Sarah Susanka, Frugal for Life

Such a fresh perspective to not spending more than what you earn, to enjoying the fruits of your labors without sacrificing too much.

Sometimes I’m guilty of scrimping too much. I scrimp too much to the point that I feel bad about what I earn, bad about how I budget, bad about the way I spend. The truth is, I have a pretty good budget plan. It’s just that I get too hard on myself and end up getting the cheapest buys, getting plans that use the least amount of money possible.
Cheaper isn’t necessarily better though.

right sized living


There was a time when I wanted to move to a smaller apartment, so we could save on rent money. A smaller apartment would mean less space, lower ceilings but lower cash outlay every month. The savings would look so good on our budget plan. But how about the claustrophobia? How about my tall husband? How about the space we need to breathe?
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