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Making an insurance Claim

Making an Insurance Claim

Last July 2013, I wrote a piece regarding claiming insurance benefits.

So, to the people who have policies and have read the blog, have you made the necessary preparations? O binasa mo lang ba and moved on? Aminin. :P

I cannot stress this enough:

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your beneficiaries get the benefits that YOU paid for. And if YOU don’t make the necessary preparations, then who will?

That being said, why don’t you try doing this small project in the coming weekend: Make a video.

Kahit anong camera, pwede. Just shoot a video of yourself explaining to your child / spouse / partner how they can claim the benefits.

Video should include the following:

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Market Primers

One of the most common sources of confusion for new market participants are the seeming contradictions between COL Financial’s Technical and Fundamental recommendations. Quite often, an issue rated as “Sell” on Technicals will be rated as “Buy” on Fundamentals. Bakit ganun?

Well, you have to understand that Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) are two very different ways of looking at the same company. Simply put: FA looks at the business while TA looks at the movement of the company’s stock price.
buy sell blog
Hence, if a stock’s price starts going down, it becomes less attractive from a TA standpoint while POTENTIALLY becoming more attractive from a FA view — nagiging mas mura kasi kompanya. Conversely, when stock prices start rising, they become less attractive sa FA while becoming more attractive sa TA.

Confusing? Yes. Lalo na kung pa-lipat-lipat ka.

So, kung beginner ka sa market, dadali buhay mo if you stick with one school muna. NEITHER school is perfect — they both have strengths and weaknesses and unless you pick a side, you will quite often end up confused and unable to act properly.

Put another way: Pag pa-akyat, ayaw bumili kasi mahal. (FA kuno) Pag nalaglag, ayaw pa din kasi “downtrend” na (TA naman). Kung ganun, kelan ka papasok?

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A Landlord’s Primer Part 3

Primer 3
In this third part, let us take a look at some issues landlords will face once they have a tenant.


As we mentioned in part 1, the ideal situation is that your tenant issue you post-dated checks for the entire duration of the lease contract. However, the fact is that not all Pinoys have checking accounts but even a checking account is NO guarantee that you will be paid on time.

So, what do you do when your tenant’s payment is late?
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A Landlord’s Primer (Part 2)

Today, we will discuss the other 2 parties that are part of every lease contract:

The Tenant and Ate Kim Henares (yes, kasama siya).


Ate Kim’s involvement is much shorter so lets start there.
Simply put, rental income is taxed. You have to report it and consolidate it with the rest of your income.

How? It is an absolute headache but here is a BASIC overview of the things involved:


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A Landlord’s Primer (Part I)

For many Filipinos, especially OFW’s, the idea of buying properties like condos is very attractive. The image of just waiting in your house for your tenants to pay their rent sure beats having to struggle for a paycheck in a foreign country. That being said, based on conversations and emails I have received from many people, it seems that quite a number of us really have little idea as to what being a landlord actually entails. Hence, if you are considering buying a condo or house with the intention of renting it out, here are some things you should know BEFORE you fork over any money.

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Stuck Dividends: The Sequel

Stuck Divs Sequel
Due to the number of queries generated by the earlier post, here’s a compilation of answers:


1. Stock Dividend vs. Stock Split: To a current shareholder, not much difference really. Value does not change but board lot concerns will be present. Madami ka ngang shares eh kung maging odd-lot naman? :p To a prospective investor, a stock dividend or split MAY make it more affordable. :)


DMC’s 400% stock div. If you have 10 shares today, [Read more…]

Stuck Dividends

Stuck Dividends
No, that’s not a typo. :)

I really do not like stock dividends because, in my opinion, they really do not benefit the small investor. Actually, from my point of view, stock divs are actually prejudiced against small investors. How? Consider the following:

(Caveat, this is for the Philippine setting as it may be different in other countries.)

Image source: TelegraphUK

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The Effects of Rising Interest Rates

Learn What You Can Do About It

Now that interest rates have been hiked, the next issue will be what the inflation rate for July will be. The spiel is that the inflation rate is expected to breach 5% — which is why the BSP raised rates.

Interest Rates

So, IF inflation does breach 5%, that means your money has to work harder in order to really grow. Has it? Have you been keeping track? :)

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