MARC Stock: Buy? Sell? Hold?


With the rather high volatility being exhibited by MARC today, I’ve received a number of inquiries as to what people should do. Sell? Buy? Hold?


As is almost always the case, there is no one answer for everyone. Ultimately, your actions should be decided by your TRADING / INVESTING PLAN. (You DO have one don’t you?)

Kung Fundamentals gamit mo. Review the numbers. [Read more…]

So, You Want To Be A Broker?


With a fresh batch of college graduates entering the workforce and a recently lively stock market; questions are being asked as to how to become a broker. It seems that in some sectors, there is this rather inaccurate belief that being a stockbroker is a quick and easy way to make a living. Frankly speaking, it is not.

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To begin with, we have to be clear about the HUGE difference between being a stockbroker and a stock TRADER. A broker acts on behalf of other people while a trader primarily trades for their own account. It is when people confuse the latter for the former that misconceptions can arise. [Read more…]

Understanding the Risk When Investing in the Stock Market

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There’s no such thing as a risk-free investment. This is what we have to realize in choosing the best investment for us. But does it mean that because of the risks, we will not invest at all? Like other things in life that has risks, it’s in understanding the kind of risks involved in investing will help manage our fear of investing. (Read: Fear Factor)

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In this blog, we will take a look at one of the risks of losing money when investing in the stock market when investors don’t stick with their investment strategy.
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Three Money Habits Filipinos Should Avoid

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And How We Can Overcome Them
Filipinos have very unique money habits. For example, some Pinoys are very good savers, while others are extreme spenders. Some work hard for money, while others make their money grow. These different habits will determine one’s financial future. This is why it’s very important to check if we have money habits that might be compromising our financial future.

Here’s a list of common habits and mindsets that we can observe from our kababayans (or what we have ourselves) which can keep us from having a financially secure future:

3 money habits

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How to Assess ‘Double Your Money’ Investments

How to Assess Double Your Money Investments

Using the Rule of 72

Kung may nag-alok na sa’yo ng investment product, maaring narinig mo na ang linya na ‘to:
“Do-doble ang pera mo!”
and quite often, marami sa atin kapag naririnig ito ay napupukaw talaga ang atensyon. However, we should not be convinced to invest by this statement alone.

Although there’s nothing wrong with it, we must also consider other factors such as:
1. the time required for the investment to grow and
2. the interest rate at which money should grow every year.

If we don’t consider these, we might end up owning an investment na hindi naman talaga bagay sa’tin.

One simple way to assess how these “double your money” investments work is by using
the rule of 72.

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Resolution Check

Resolution Check

With the first quarter of the year now half-over, it’s a good time as any to see if we have actually made any progress with our financial resolutions for 2014. On the most basic level: Nagsimula ka na ba?

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Click photo for source

At the beginning of the year, I received lots of inquiries from people as to how they can make a change in their financial habits. Over at COL Financial, their seminars were packed as people came looking to make a change. However, as February rolled around, there has been a noticeable dip in the numbers. [Read more…]

What Is The Best Stock Market Strategy For You?

stock market strategyAlong with the question of what the “best” investment is, one of the most common queries we get is what is the “best strategy” to use in the stock market. Fundamental Analysis? Technical Analysis? Peso-cost averaging? Tsupita?An amalgam of those?

Fundamentals or Technicals

Well, just like there is no “best” investment that will work for everyone, there is also no “best” strategy that will work all the time for all the people. Why do I say that? Well let’s take a quick look at the more popular approaches: [Read more…]

Nothing Is Free In Finance


How’s your New Year going? I hope you’re having a blast. Speaking of which, did you notice the New Year’s BIG SALE in some malls?
One of the reason why aside from Christmas, New Year is another SALE season is because they know that you probably overspent during the holidays. What better way to attract people in the back in malls than huge discounts right?

not free [Read more…]

Saving and Investing 101

What we need aren’t just wishful thinking to save and invest someday BUT careful planning, informed decision-making, and well thought of action-taking to make sure that you can finally take charge of your finances.

To help you get started, here are our top blogs and episodes categorized for your ultimate learning experience!

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If you already have enough savings for emergency fund and other purposes, it’s time to start INVESTING! In this section, learn how to choose the investment that is perfect for your budget, lifestyle, and purpose.

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If you do not have the time, patience, and expertise to monitor the stock market, you have an option to invest in a MUTUAL FUND.

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Happy learning and smart investing!