Rise Higher in 2014

title Rise higher in 2014
Our country has seen major highs and lows this year. Wasn’t it only earlier this 2013 that we saw the stock market break record-highs at 7,000-level? We also saw how it went back to 5,900-level this December wiping out earlier gains. It seems like a trying time, but if you really are a long term investor, I continue to encourage you to Keep Calm and Invest on.

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We also witnessed the calamities that struck our nation but our Filipino spirit continues to rise even higher in every adversity.

Through highs and lows, I wish to thank the smart investors who were with us this year.

During the same time last year, I was thanking our 17,000 followers on Facebook. Today, I can’t believe that we’ve grown to 40,000 in a span of one year.

Rise higher in 2014

I am also thankful to all our viewers on YouTube as we reached the 1 MILLION total views milestone this year. I hope that every episode has helped you be well informed in every investing decision you make.

To the attendees of our very first international seminar in Dubai and to the hundreds of attendees of our seminars this year, thank you. I may not able to meet each of one of you, but your presence in our events continues to inspire me to keep on sharing the knowledge of smart investing. I hope in my own way, I was able to help you take the first few steps toward financial freedom.

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And to Filipinos all over the world, thank you for viewing our online seminar.

Together we have seen the highs and lows of 2013. Here’s to wishing that we all rise higher this coming 2014.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year & the years to come!



Aya Laraya

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Why Only Few Filipinos Invest in Stocks

 A Stockbroker’s Point of View

One large reason for the slow growth of investors in the PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) is that it is really not profitable for a traditional broker to accept retail accounts. By this I mean accounts that are below 1 million pesos. Why? Look at the numbers:
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Christmas is coming. Where will your bonus go?

Christmas is coming

One more week to go, December na! It’s Christmas time once again. And for most employees, you know what that means. :)

I know some companies already released the 13th month pay of their employees and some are just about to. I hope this blog makes it to employees on time (before they receive their bonus) to prevent them from overspending.

Where will your bonus go

Whether we admit or not, we Filipinos tend to overspend during this season. Everyone in the business and finance sector know this – did you happen to notice? Here’s what I mean.
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The Cost of Dying in the Philippines

Cost of Dying in the Phillippines

It’s that time again in November when most Filipinos remember their departed loved ones. Others even travel in very far provinces just to commemorate All Soul’s Day.

Also during this season, Filipinos think about their own passing and assess if they’re actually prepared for it or not. Depending on one’s religion, there are different ways to prepare. But another aspect we can also look into is the cost of dying in our country. Simply put, magkano na nga ba mamatay ngayon?

Cost of dying

Now, we don’t want to sound insensitive in considering death an expense. But if one doesn’t prepare for this kind of expense, it can add to the burden to a grieving family, right?

The cost of dying can range from several thousand pesos up to a million. Because this topic isn’t usually discussed, most Filipinos find themselves financially unprepared when faced with the inevitable.

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Signs of Scams in the Philippines


Despite the constant warnings, some Filipinos can’t seem to resist the idea of earning sky-high returns with only minimal effort on their part. This is the reason why every after few years, madami pa rin ang naloloko sa investment scams katulad ng nangyari last year sa Pagadian City.

SCAMS infographic

Did you know that aside from investment scams, there are others that try to victimize our fellow Filipinos daily? Here are some of them according to the Department of Trade and Industry: [Read more…]

Ano Nga Ba ang Mutual Funds?

Ano Nga Ba ang Mutual Funds?

Your Guide to Smart Investing in Philippine Mutual Funds

Halos araw-araw, may mga nagtatanong sakin ng “Aya, wala kasi akong oras para aralin ang stock market at bantayan ito, ano pa ba ang options ko?” o kaya naman, “Aya pwede bang ikaw nalang mag-manage ng pera ko?”

I always answer them, if you do not have the time, patience, and expertise to monitor the stock market, you have an option to invest in a mutual fund.

Mutual Funds
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Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Every Filipino’s Guide to Inflation

Walking towards our seminar venue at Max’s Restaurant, I saw an enlarged copy of their very first menu. Just look at the price of a whole fried chicken – FIVE pesos!

Max's Classic Menu (Inflation Example)

Do you remember your parents telling how cheap prices were during their time?
O, wag na tayo lumayo, kahit ako, I still remember a time when commuting cost less than 2 pesos, phone calls were 75 cents, wala pang coke in cans, arcade tokens were a buck each, and you can enjoy a movie for less than fifty pesos.

Eh magkano ba ang mga ‘to ngayon? A whole Max’s fried chicken is P389, a small bottle of soda is now P10, P8 is the minimum fare to ride a jeepney, and a regular 2D movie costs P200.

Bababa kaya ang mga presyo na ‘to o mas tataas pa? Nagbabago ang presyo ng mga ito dahil sa INFLATION.

You may have heard about inflation before or maybe you haven’t. I hope by the end of this blog, you’ll have a greater understanding of what it is and how it affects all of us. [Read more…]

Is What You’re Buying Worth It?

The Actual Cost of Spending

The Actual Cost of Spending

Alam ko medyo gasgas narin ang mga paalala namin para mag save at invest. That’s why today, let’s reward ourselves and talk about SPENDING.:)

Sino ba may ayaw ng latest gadgets, out of town or out of the country vacation, food trip, and shopping? I’m sure, aside from bills, education, and health expenses, ito ang madalas natin pagka-gastusan.

Actual Cost

There’s nothing wrong to spend on these things. Ang importante lang, alam natin ang kapalit o “actual cost” ng mga ito. After all, ang perang pinaghirapan natin, hahayaan lang ba natin mapunta sa isang bagay na hindi worth it?

To explain the actual cost further, let’s take a look at this example. [Read more…]