Be a Partner with Business Tycoons

be a partner with business tycoons

When you go around our country, you’ll see proof of the Filipino dream of owning a business. In every corner, you’ll most likely see a sari-sari store, a food cart, or an internet shop. Year after year, you cannot stop entrepinoys from putting up a business of their own. Not all of us can afford to put up our own business or even have the time to manage it. So, how can an average Filipino go into business with only P5000?

Did you know, with that amount, you can already be part owner of every SM mall with Henry Sy, be in business with Manny Pangilinan’s PLDT, or share the profits from John Gokongwei’s C2 and Chippy? And there’s plenty more where you can choose from: banks, media, real estate, power generation, and even mining! How? The stock market!

What is the Stock Market?

In simple terms, the stock market is the place where you can buy a part of a company. You cannot do this for all companies but definitely, a lot of the biggest and most successful businesses in the country are “available” in the stock market.

Who do you think owns PLDT? Manny Pangilinan? Several big investors? Actually, hundreds of thousands of companies and normal people own PLDT. And you can be like them.

Why not own all of the branches?

Imagine this – you walk inside Jollibee and imagine that it would be nice to own your own branch. A franchise is worth millions you argue, but wait, there’s another way! You can buy stocks of the company. When you buy stocks of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), you become part owner of the company so one way or another you are a co-owner of every Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Greenwich, Chowking, and MangInasal everywhere!

Crazy as it sounds, owning stocks makes it possible for you to own big corporations. If you buy a share of a company, you own a small part of the business – Kasosyo ka na!

How can you earn?

1. Dividends – because you are a part owner, you will receive a portion of the company’s profit. For every text message sent (Globe) , every Chicken Joy sold (Jollibee) – you get a cut in the company’s earnings.

2. Price appreciation – over time, the price of the share that you own may go up or down. If the company grows and succeeds over the years, the value of your shares rises as well. When you sell the shares for more than what you bought them – kumita ka na! Take a look at this example:

In 2001, the stock of property developer DMCI was worth 26 centavos per share. If you bought 10,000 shares amounting to P2, 800 (including commission and fees),you will be in for a big surprise. Fast forward to 2012, DMCI stock price is already P58! Your tiny P2800 is now Half a Million pesos!

How do you choose a company?

Choosing a stock is pretty simple – buy the stock of a company where you are a customer. Invest in a company that you actually know and understand. Would you actually waste money to put up a business you know nothing about? Just a reminder though, there’s no such thing as a risk free investment. As with any business, there will be both good and bad times over the years. But if you believe in the business and the people who run it, you will share the success in their success in the years to come.

You can still achieve your dream!

These big companies all started with a dream, but it didn’t end there. Being an entrepreneur requires time, knowledge and money to grow the business. If you have that dream but can’t start a business yet, don’t give up. Live your dream of having your own business through the stock market and become part of a business empire today!


TRIVIA: As a stockholder, you can actually attend the stockholders meetings of YOUR company and ask the Chairman/CEO about the business. Yes, you can ask Manny Pangilinan or the Ayalas even if you only own a few shares of the company—even ONE share! After all, you are their business partner.

Do you want to be a co-owner of successful businesses in the Philippines?

We have a Seminar for beginners that will teach you how to do that.

Understand the stock market the simple and easy way.

public seminarofw


  1. Gerry A. Marcelo says

    I really do not want to trade. I only want to invest and I am thinking of BPI or Jollibee to buy stocks from. How much do I really need, say, to buy a minimum number of share, initially, from BPI or Jollibee?

    Thank you!

  2. Leny says

    Ako din I really want to invest! What should I do? I am a regular employee, I am not a financial specialist… Can you please help?

    • Pesos and Sense Team says

      Hello Leny!

      The fact that you viewed our website shows that you are willing to learn. That is how you start–LEARN. Read books and blogs about investing, attend seminars, watch videos, and ask questions. Before parting with your hard earned money, be sure you completely UNDERSTAND what you are getting into.

  3. Kevin says

    I heard a lot of people lose their money in the stock market, but this article tells me otherwise. What’s the difference?

    • Pesos and Sense Team says

      There’s one thing we can guarantee in the stock market–you will LOSE money at some point. Our blog states at the end that there will be good and bad times for businesses. When a business is doing badly, usually its stock also goes down.

      Always remember that the names you see in the stock market are real businesses with real products and services to sell. As with any business, things do not go well for them all the time and the company loses money. As a part owner, you will also share in the loss.

      With more financial education, you will learn how to profit in the stock market.

      Good luck!

  4. pet says

    guys this is a good investment even if your not a financial or trading expert you can invest in long term diversified or blue chips company it is more safe. As inflation goes up your investment will grow along with it . you can allocate 5000php a month for an EIP (easy investment plan). As for me I started 1st buying Jollibee as it is the top fast food chain in the country, BDO leading financial group, URC as everyday a lot of people eating chips, Megaworld as high rise condo having more impact in real estate nowadays. Do a company profile check before investing to see the company’s previous financial performance you can check it with PSE listing or on your online stockbroker & of course i recommend Citiseconline stockbroker (the best)
    Godbless everyone!


    • Luz says

      Hi sir I want 2 buy or join some of jolibee or banko de oro.but my problem is i.m her in abroad and idont hve knowledge about what shall I do.hope u can help me.thankyou and god bless

      • ted says

        hello Luz I am begginer’s too sa stock market,,,I suggest search mo sa youtube ang season’s one ng Pesos and Sense watch mo po from Episode 1 up to 13,,,very helpful at nakaka motivate talaga… paulit ulit ko lang pinanonood ito para lagi lang nasa isip ko ang mga naituro ni Sir Aya sa P&S…then try mo din i open yung COL youtube nila,,,interviewed kay Mr Edward K.Lee…I assure you na malaki ang maitutulong nito para sa plan mong pag iinvest…God Bless!

  5. Liane says

    Hi sir Aya, I have been reading your post given a chance, and i have invested a bit throug shares and mutual funds, yet i wish to diversify more, and i am interested with BPI or SM investment corp or any sort will do, is there any way you can guide us through pls… by the way im an OFW and i am veery much willing to invest for a sound future … Thank you and have a great week end!^^

    • Pesos and Sense Team says

      Hi Liane, you can start by researching more about the companies–understand what their businesses are. Remember, never invest in a business you know nothing about. If you also open an account in, you will find numerous analysis and reports about these companies.

      Again, regardless of the type of investment you will choose, education is key to smart and profitable investing!

  6. ted says

    Many Thanks P&S,,,malaking tulong po talaga ang inyong ginawang program,lalong lalo na sa aming mga OFW,,,just last march ko lang po nakita ang inyong P&S sa citisec online site and pagbakasyon ko po dyan sa atin month of august ay pinasyalan ko agad ang citisec online at nag open ng account…nakakatuwa po talaga kahit na weekend at walang trading ay ini-oopen ko ang account sa COL just to read the the technicals and fundamentals sa stock market,,,aside from my EIP sinusubukan ko din mag trade out of it(EIP),eventhough hindi match sa time ko po dito, just to know how trading works,ok lang kahit an bumaba ng konti ang Total equity ko , ang mahalaga ay yung naiintindihan ko paunti unti…but strongly recommended po talaga ang EIP para sa long investment much safer lalo na pag inilagay sa company na alam mong nakatayo pa din after 10,20,30 yrs,,,,,and more…thanks to col helpdesk very attentive at supportive po sila sa mga inquiries thru email….again many thanks and more power P&S ,we’re looking forward for your second season! God BLess!..

  7. karen says

    i just wanted to know panu kung suddenly ka nakaaksidente o wag naman po sana namatay, maaari bang maclaim ng family members mu ung stock share mu???thanks po… more power..

      • Ma.Lourdes Y. Garcia says

        Mr.Aya, sa Stock market po b kikita in a long run ex.5-10 years khit hindi ginagalaw o binebenta shares?

  8. Juan says

    So where can i buy those shares?

    Can i just walk through a JFC store and ask tell the cashier “I want some share”…kidding aside…

    Panu kung sa BDO? dun sa mismong branch pede na ba kong magtanong dun?

  9. says

    Great day everyone! I just want to ask if say for instance I would initially invest Php5,000.00 to buy stocks on the EIP, is it okay to maintain a lower amount like Php2,000.00 on the succeeding months/years to fund my investment? This is because I only depend on my monthly salary to fund my investments. Consequently, I have other investments to fund as well such as insurance and mutual funds. I would greatly appreciate if you could be kind enough to enlighten me on this matter. I really would like to avail of the EIP which COL Financial offers to small time investor like me. Please help on this. Thank you so much for your prompt responses!

    • says

      P2000 is ok. Actually, after the initial investment, it’s already up to you how much your succeeding investments will be. Of course, the more disciplined you are with the schedule and amount, the better.

  10. dhelm says

    Sir Aya,
    OFW po ako, I keep watching un sessions nyo and I learned a lot from those sessions so far. I am currently here in Qatar pwede po ba from here magstart ko maginvest? Kung sakaling pwede po akong maginvest (P5000) from here, ano po ba ang pwede ko gamitin to start investing na hindi ko kelangan magmonitor or magtrading by myself kasi po iba po un time dito (Qatar) at Pinas. Mas prefered ko po un magdagdag ng investment every month na hindi required un trading, meron po bang ganun system. Alin po bang mga companies pwede nyo ma suggest sa kin less un risk and secured un investment ko?

    Another thing po, un COL po ba at citiseconline ay magkaiba? Alin po ba sa dalawa na to ang pwede ko gamitin to start?
    Salamat po!

    • says

      Hi Dhelm, COL and Citiseconline is the same =)
      You can also try their Easy Investment Program (EIP) so you won’t have to monitor your stocks regularly and that way, you will be invested in stable companies only. Goodluck!

  11. says

    thanks God we have one kababayan like you
    i hope you keep on posting in fb and you tube
    contenue to help a lot of filipino to manage thier money properly
    i am interested to invest ,,small amount only,i am only biggineer
    i am looking for a good and honest broker,i hope you can recommend

  12. says

    hi good pm again
    how much ang commssion ng broker at govt fees?
    how to open account sa COL
    may dvd ba kayong bininbinta ng mg shows ninyo?
    help and asst me to invest in EIP
    puwede ba akong maging EIP broker dito sa qatar
    need to know more aboit EIP,please guide me

  13. ju says

    lets say for example, bull run of phil market has ended, what will happen to the stocks we bought? should we sell right away? or the principle of buy and hold/peso cost averaging is still applicable?

    • says

      Hindi po Mutual Fund ang Jollibee. :) Stock po siya at binibili po iyan ng mga Mutual Fund. The minimum is about 1,200 pesos but you need a minimum of 5,000 pesos to open an account with COL

      • says

        Would you happen to have any fmliay photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  14. says

    hi aya kailangan ba ako kumuha ng dual citizen bago makasali o makabili ng shares of stock or join the eip d2 po ako sa uk at pwede po ba on line ang pagbabayad o pagbili sa shares of stock salamat po

  15. Tin Perez says

    PSE Academy ( provides a comprehensive, interactive, and practical web-based investor education for market participants, would-be equity investors, and the public in general.

  16. reynold says

    hi sir Aya ask ko lng po kung ung limit ng shares na pwedeng bilin ay every month..o fix na po..tnx po

  17. Van says

    Pesos and Sense really is really a gift to all the Filipinos, I really learned so much from Mr. Laraya and this show. I am already investing mutual funds and researching nfo so that I could start buying stocks however there was another investment upgrade gave to the Phil last May 3 2013. Is this a good time to buy stocks or could I wait until stocks would be cheaper? May I have your opinion on this please?

  18. mhel rocafort says

    hello,, gusto ko rin pong mag invest katulad nila,, at interesado po ako sa real state , SMDC, paano po makabili ng share at magkano po? Ako po ay isa sa nakabili ng unit kaya intersado po ako. Please help naman po, para mapag-aralan ko din. Thanks a lot po.

  19. julie manlangit says

    goodmorning po..
    i read your blogs and im interested po na mag-invest..
    how can i start po ba mag-invest and how much ang kelangan??


  20. Clint Joel P. Baltonado says

    Good day po, ano po ang pinakamagandang stock brokerage company? I’m very interested in STOCK MARKET.

  21. Kata says

    Hi im kat im interested in this type of business. What docs needed to join this business, I’m s teacher and I stay at
    home. I could help me thanks.

  22. Freddie M. Capillan says

    can i have the phone number of COL so that I will be able to call your office once I return to the Philippine for a vacation since I am currently working abroad… Thanks a lot…

  23. Anna lissa A. Villanueva says

    Hello, there’s so much I want to know .How I wish you can also have a seminar here in Baguio

    • Eric says

      hahaha, at least, masasabi na nating shareholder na rin tayu ng mga conglomerate companies sa Pilipinas, hahaha, khit meron tyung 1 lang na share, hahahaha, lol..

    • says

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  24. liev says

    is there a way po na maginvest directly sa jollibee foods corp, kasi sa dami naman na ng mga broker and tagal ng tumatanggap investors ang companies?

  25. alan cuarto says

    hi sir! ive always wanted to invest rather than stock it in a bank. one of my captain introduced me to BDO equity funds,is it the same as investing in stock market?
    nasa barko ako now, and gusto ko talaga matuto sa stock market..






  27. Marcel says

    Good evening sir,

    I have a question regarding on signing up an account in col, they’re asking for my bank name and bank account number? What’s this for sir? Thanks

    • Eric says

      Hi Marcel,

      How they will transfer your profit/dividends pag di mo ito binigay, don’t worry COL is the best and trusted.

  28. Charybel says

    hi sir, nagpadala ako ng requirements sa Col sometime May last year. hindi ko po na-fund ang account at all. i’d like to know sana kung pwede ko pa i-fund yung account na yun after almost a year. i still have the confirmation email from COL na nareceived nila ang application and im ready to start after funding. please advise. thanks

  29. JOEY M. says

    Thank you for posting this information, it really help a lot, but I still have some questions about applying in Col financial,, First question is I do not know my Tin no. or tax Id no., I do not have copy or card id., I am sure I have one because I was an employee in the Philippines before., I’ve sent some email to the BIR, but until now I don’t receive any answers from them., Is it possible to submit the forms to Col financial , without filling up the Tin no. box.?, second question., Is it okay to submit my bill statements here in abroad., like electric bill? instead the bill statement of my parents in the Philippines named after them.,? 3rd which bank details? info bank in abroad, or my bank in the Philippines.? thank you I’ll wait for any reply from you. God bless you. salamat.

    • Eric says

      Hi Joey,

      If you don’t have TIN, then SSS # will do, (they said either of the two government ID’s), regarding billing statement, it is only to prove that they can send you some important mails to your billing address, so you can use your abroad’s billing statement, (i’ve used my credit card bills statements abroad). I believe you can’t use your parents billing address, the proof must be under your name. Hope it helps.

      • Eric says

        pahabol to Joey: you should have a bank account in the Philippines, this will get everything so easily, when transferring and widrawing, if you are an OFW, you should also have an online banking (BDO or BPI) will do to track your history of your deposits and transfers and widrawals, especially you will be dealing with buying of stocks, so whenever necessary you have to replenish your fund, (hope i said it correctly).

  30. Norman L. Ocampo says

    first i just started investing in MUTUAL FUNDS which is FAMI, that was 5 years ago and i watch my stocks and NAVPS grows in time, really it brings joy and smile to my face when i see my portfolio grows over time, the time tested formula of buying regularly with a fixed amount monthly really paved for my financial independence, investing regularly monthly with a fixed amount will cushioned you in the impact of volatility in the stock market, sometimes you can buy more stocks or less stock depends on the stock market situation but in the end you are still a winner because of COST AVERAGING…now, i am now DIRECTLY investing in the STOCK MARKET with the same formula of buying in a fixed amount monthly

  31. says

    You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation however I find
    this matter to be really something which I think I’d by no means
    understand. It seems too complex and extremely large for me.
    I’m looking ahead on your next put up, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

  32. eva says

    Good day!

    Sir may uitf po ako s bdo at bpi both in equity.
    Saan po mas better mag invest stock or s uitf to earn higher return. Im 43 years old now. Saving for retirement. Thank you

  33. says

    Having read this I believed it was rather enlightening.

    I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this
    short article together. I once again find myself
    personally spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  34. jaz says

    hi good evening sir,
    I just want to ask about opening an account in Colfinancial.
    since i dont have any TIN # and Philippine bank account right now…what are the alternative of this so i can open an account to invest ?
    thank you!

  35. John Abejero says

    Mr. Aya,
    May share ako sa isang Blue Chips Company that was 1999. Ang pinangbayad ko yung Investment Loan from SSS ,nakalimutan ko lang yung Broker ko sa Ortigas ang Opisina , Nakaka recieve naman ako ng Divedends sometime three (3) times yearly. Kaya lang yung sa SSS nakalimutan ko na ring bayaran. Pwede ko bang ma-ibenta ang shares ko kahit yung Stock Certificate ko eh nasa SSS tapos yun ang ipambabayad ko sa kanila . Nakita ko kasi yung IPO ng MERALCO nasa 258,00 (Market Value) na today. Pwede ko rin bang transfer ito sa COL kasi may pending application ako sa Kanila hindi ko pa lang na submit ang requirements kasi dito ako sa Qatar. Online Registration.

  36. says

    I like the helpful info you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark
    your weblog and check once more right here regularly.
    I’m fairly certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right right
    here! Best of luck for the following!

  37. says

    Right here is the right blog for everyone who wishes to understand this topic.
    You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not
    that I personally would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic that has been discussed for years.

    Excellent stuff, just great!

  38. Patricia says

    Hi tried to play the pse stock trading game, bakit hindi mo mabibili yung desired number of shares kahit may enough amount of money ka naman para mabili yun? ano po yung bid price? paano mo napipili yung price ng shares na mabibili mo/ price ng shares na gusto mo ibenta?

  39. Florencio Tan III says

    Hi! I only have 10,000 pesos as capital, can I still buy share from Jolibee with this small amount of money? Will it really grow and how much for a certain time frame?

  40. faye diquit says

    hi good afternoon…currently, got no idea how stock investment goes.. can i invest thru joint account? my bestfriend and i are planning to invest in bank, but seems that stock investment is better.

    please help. appreciate your enlightenment.

  41. BAhija Pacal says

    i am planning to invest in stock market and hadno idea about PSE but im having second thoughts whether to invest in COLfinancial as stock broker or thru BPI.. can you please help me understand the difference in investing BPI or COLfinancial

    • PESOS AND SENSE Team says

      Limited lang po ang seats.. at kailangan din po na maka reserve po agad kayo for the food. Mas ok na ma-secure niyo na po ang slot niyo.


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