Break-even oil prices in the Middle East

Season’s Greetings everyone. Haven’t posted in a while but now that school’s out, here is something to think about for 2016.


Barring a rather major rally, it looks like the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) will close down for the year. It is currently down over 5% for the year so malamang na marami sa mga taong nagsimulang mag-invest sa stock market sa taong ito ay nalulugi. Kung isa ka sa mga iyan at medyo nababahala ka na eh dapat sigurong pag-isipan mong muli kung angkop ba sa iyo ang stock market. smile emoticon Ang mga panahong ito ay bahagi talaga ng stocks so kailangang tanggapin at pagplanuhan mo ito ng maayos. Hindi palagi ang pag-akyat ng market.  

That being said, here is a picture that is causing a LOT of concern in world financial markets. While we DO benefit from lower oil prices, oil-exporting countries suffer. And the worry is that MANY Filipinos — especially OFW’s in the Middle East depend on healthy oil prices for their jobs and consequently, so do their families back home.

Ang tanong ngayon is kung humina or bumagsak ang ekonomiya ng mga oil-exporters sa Middle-East, ano mangyayari sa mga Pinoy dun? May mababalikan ba sila dito? At kapag kumonti na ang mga Pinoy na nagpapadala ng pera dito, paano na ang ekonomiya natin?  

Feel free to share — especially if you have friends or family working in the Middle-East. Dapat maghanda talaga sila dahil dito.



Saving and Investing 101

What we need aren’t just wishful thinking to save and invest someday BUT careful planning, informed decision-making, and well thought of action-taking to make sure that you can finally take charge of your finances.

To help you get started, here are our top blogs and episodes categorized for your ultimate learning experience!

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Happy learning and smart investing!

Aya’s Dubai Adventure

Aya's Dubai Blog

Three weeks ago marked a milestone for us in PESOS AND SENSE. Last July 5, I conducted our very first International seminar in Dubai. Did you know that over 20% of Dubai’s population are Filipinos? That was why I was very excited — knowing that I would get to meet some of them and share what I have learned over the years.

Helping OFWs is one of the main reasons why we created PESOS AND SENSE. We even have an episode dedicated to our modern-day heroes, because I know that teaching them how to manage their money wisely and how to invest will reunite them with their families sooner.

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Money Lessons OFWs Should Know


Year after year, millions of our fellow Filipinos work abroad to provide a better and secure future for their family.

True enough, OFWs are able to send their children to good schools, provide comfortable homes, and buy the things they need. But, in exchange for this, are the years they spend away from home.

What’s Happening Now

Every month, OFWs send a huge portion of their salary back home in the Philippines.

Whatever is left will be for their personal living expenses. More often than not, what is set aside for savings is spent for emergency expenses and other unforeseen circumstances in the Philippines.

Money Lessons OFWs Should KnowIndeed, they are our modern day heroes.

But, if this will be the usual scenario, [Read more…]