Kung Bibili Ka ng Condo…

Isa sa mga pinaka-popular na investment ngayon para sa mga Pinoy – lalo na sa mga OFW, ay ang pagbili ng condo. Halos mula sa paglapag sa airport hanggang sa mga mall ay may mga nag-aabot ng mga flyer at brochure na nagbebenta ng iba’t-ibang condo project. Ngayon, kung ikaw ay nag-iisip na bumili ng condo, ito ang mai-papayo ko sa iyo.

Ngayon pa lamang sabihin na natin ito: totoong magandang investment ang condo KUNG pinag-isipan ito ng maayos. Gaya nga ng lagi naming sinasabi #aralmunabagoinvest kaya huwag na huwag maglabas ng pera para sa condo para lang maki-uso sa ibang mga kaibigan. Sa halip, pag-isipan at pag-aralan ang mga sumusunod.

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Rental Properties

Rental2One of the more popular ideas or strategies Pinoys have when it comes to generating income is buying properties and renting them out. After all, the image is sooo alluring — You work. Buy a property. Rent it out. Sit around and collect money on a monthly basis.
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A Landlord’s Primer Part 3

Primer 3
In this third part, let us take a look at some issues landlords will face once they have a tenant.


As we mentioned in part 1, the ideal situation is that your tenant issue you post-dated checks for the entire duration of the lease contract. However, the fact is that not all Pinoys have checking accounts but even a checking account is NO guarantee that you will be paid on time.

So, what do you do when your tenant’s payment is late?
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A Landlord’s Primer (Part 2)

Today, we will discuss the other 2 parties that are part of every lease contract:

The Tenant and Ate Kim Henares (yes, kasama siya).


Ate Kim’s involvement is much shorter so lets start there.
Simply put, rental income is taxed. You have to report it and consolidate it with the rest of your income.

How? It is an absolute headache but here is a BASIC overview of the things involved:


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A Landlord’s Primer (Part I)

For many Filipinos, especially OFW’s, the idea of buying properties like condos is very attractive. The image of just waiting in your house for your tenants to pay their rent sure beats having to struggle for a paycheck in a foreign country. That being said, based on conversations and emails I have received from many people, it seems that quite a number of us really have little idea as to what being a landlord actually entails. Hence, if you are considering buying a condo or house with the intention of renting it out, here are some things you should know BEFORE you fork over any money.

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Hidden Costs of Owning Your Home

hidden costs

Plainly speaking, we Pinoys have a culture of “Home Ownership”. Para sa atin, owning a house is one of THE milestones in life and many tend to think of renting as a waste of money — in fact I have seen ads touting renting as “nagtatapon ka ng pera”. I can see where they are coming from, and I agree to a certain point, but what they tend to gloss over are the hidden costs that come with owning a house — costs that were once again brought to the fore by last night’s bad weather.

Home ownership

What am I talking about? Time and stress.

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