How to Save Money by Keeping Your Home Tidy

How to save
Can a clean home really help you save on money? It certainly can! If you look around your home, you’ll probably see cherished objects decking each room. While these mementos make you go “awww”, you’ll find that the more you add to this sentimental collection, the more clutter will build up. Streamlining your home’s décor and keeping it neat not only frees up space, it will also help you save money! Here’s how a neat home can help you save money:

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10 Money Tips for the Holidays


The holidays are just around the corner. As a mom, I’ve realized that Christmas can be both fun and stressful. It’s fun because it’s a time of gift giving and reunions, yet stressful because of the hectic schedule and budgeting. As a mom of three young kids, I had come to realize that this holiday requires some financial and practical planning. Here are a few tips from me and my other mom-friends:

10 tips
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Stepping Out, Stepping Up!

Credit debt

A lot of people are now suffering from growing and overdue debt because of their credit cards. I want to share that this problem can actually be overcome.

My wife and I have been battling with credit card debt for almost 8 years.

We accumulated our debt while we were still single. It continued to pile up when we got married. Since we were so excited with having money (electronic), aba, swipe dito at swipe doon!

It was only later on that I realized that we were so deep in debt!

Debt Blog

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Nothing Is Free In Finance


How’s your New Year going? I hope you’re having a blast. Speaking of which, did you notice the New Year’s BIG SALE in some malls?
One of the reason why aside from Christmas, New Year is another SALE season is because they know that you probably overspent during the holidays. What better way to attract people in the back in malls than huge discounts right?

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Saving and Investing 101

What we need aren’t just wishful thinking to save and invest someday BUT careful planning, informed decision-making, and well thought of action-taking to make sure that you can finally take charge of your finances.

To help you get started, here are our top blogs and episodes categorized for your ultimate learning experience!

How will you invest if you do not have money to invest? IPON MUNA! Everything about SAVING & BUDGETING here:

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Want to Save Money? Go on a Diet!
Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito
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Episode 6 – Budgeting and Personal Finance

If you already have enough savings for emergency fund and other purposes, it’s time to start INVESTING! In this section, learn how to choose the investment that is perfect for your budget, lifestyle, and purpose.

What is a Good Investment?
Learn the Importance of Setting a Financial Goal
Episode 9 – Long Term vs Short Term Investment
Episode 12 – Social Cost of Investing

Did you know that with P5,000, you can be part of successful businesses in the Philippines? How? Learn more about investing in the STOCK MARKET here:

Be a Partner with Business Tycoons
5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market
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Episode 1 – Stock Market

If you do not have the time, patience, and expertise to monitor the stock market, you have an option to invest in a MUTUAL FUND.

Ano Nga Ba ang Mutual Funds?
Episode 2 – Mutual Funds

Learn how an INSURANCE policy can protect your family
and your other assets:

Episode 3 – Insurance / VULs
Episode 10 – Insurance 2
How to Claim an Insurance Policy
Life Insurance Companies – Infographic

If you are an OFW, learn your different investment options here:
Episode 11 – OFW Investments
Money Lessons OFWs Should Know
Online Seminar

Happy learning and smart investing!

Christmas is coming. Where will your bonus go?

Christmas is coming

One more week to go, December na! It’s Christmas time once again. And for most employees, you know what that means. :)

I know some companies already released the 13th month pay of their employees and some are just about to. I hope this blog makes it to employees on time (before they receive their bonus) to prevent them from overspending.

Where will your bonus go

Whether we admit or not, we Filipinos tend to overspend during this season. Everyone in the business and finance sector know this – did you happen to notice? Here’s what I mean.
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Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Every Filipino’s Guide to Inflation

Walking towards our seminar venue at Max’s Restaurant, I saw an enlarged copy of their very first menu. Just look at the price of a whole fried chicken – FIVE pesos!

Max's Classic Menu (Inflation Example)

Do you remember your parents telling how cheap prices were during their time?
O, wag na tayo lumayo, kahit ako, I still remember a time when commuting cost less than 2 pesos, phone calls were 75 cents, wala pang coke in cans, arcade tokens were a buck each, and you can enjoy a movie for less than fifty pesos.

Eh magkano ba ang mga ‘to ngayon? A whole Max’s fried chicken is P389, a small bottle of soda is now P10, P8 is the minimum fare to ride a jeepney, and a regular 2D movie costs P200.

Bababa kaya ang mga presyo na ‘to o mas tataas pa? Nagbabago ang presyo ng mga ito dahil sa INFLATION.

You may have heard about inflation before or maybe you haven’t. I hope by the end of this blog, you’ll have a greater understanding of what it is and how it affects all of us. [Read more…]

Is What You’re Buying Worth It?

The Actual Cost of Spending

The Actual Cost of Spending

Alam ko medyo gasgas narin ang mga paalala namin para mag save at invest. That’s why today, let’s reward ourselves and talk about SPENDING.:)

Sino ba may ayaw ng latest gadgets, out of town or out of the country vacation, food trip, and shopping? I’m sure, aside from bills, education, and health expenses, ito ang madalas natin pagka-gastusan.

Actual Cost

There’s nothing wrong to spend on these things. Ang importante lang, alam natin ang kapalit o “actual cost” ng mga ito. After all, ang perang pinaghirapan natin, hahayaan lang ba natin mapunta sa isang bagay na hindi worth it?

To explain the actual cost further, let’s take a look at this example. [Read more…]

Want to Save Money? Go on a Diet!

Saving is like a diet
Learn the Strategies which Applies in both Successful Saving & Dieting

“I will start my healthy diet TOMORROW.” Sounds familiar? You either heard this from a friend, a family member, or from yourself. Days, weeks, months, and even years pass – still the same tomorrow na lang excuse.

And when it comes to saving and investing, it sounds like this “On the next pay-day” and many other variations like “After (insert occasion here: Birthday, Holiday, etc).”

Saving is like a diet

Do you want to know why this keeps on happening? Like what I mentioned in my blog, The Social Cost of Investing, we Filipinos are very social people and love doing things together. That is why we celebrate as many holidays, and occasions as possible (including the fiestas in all 7,107 islands in the Philippines, kidding!) Indeed, it’s more fun eating here! Consequently, dieting gets delayed until the next occasion comes along. :)

Kung kalaban ng diet ang fiesta, when it comes to saving, may fiesta din. This time it is located in malls and call it a 3-day SALE. Take a look at this scenario and see if you can relate. [Read more…]