Top 3 Money Resolutions for 2015

The New Year promises a fresh start for everyone. That is why a lot of Filipinos during this time formulate resolutions to help them establish goals, make some changes, and improve their lives.

The biggest challenge comes the month after, when old habits try to find its way back. Aside from having resolutions, they need to have enough willpower so they can stick to their game plan. The same principle applies in handling money.

In 2015, we want our followers to be smart in handling their money – on their way to financial freedom. If saving money is one of your resolutions, make sure you master these things first in order for you to do it successfully.

money resolutions
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Bargain Hunting for Stocks

BargainEverybody loves a bargain. Kaya nga may mga SALE sa mall.:) And even in investing, people are always looking for a “bargain”. From stocks, managed funds and properties; people of course look for the best deal. Ang mahirap lang nga, pag investments ang pinag-uusapan eh we don’t really know how good of a deal we are getting. Put another way: Pag mura ba ang presyo eh ok na?

Well, someone once said that “Price is what we pay and Value is what we get” – and that is quite true when it comes to investing. Hindi naman kasi porke mura eh maganda nang bilhin agad – at hindi rin porke’t mahal ay pangit na itong bilhin.

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Having a Plan B

Having a plan B

The past several years has seen the Philippine Stock Exchange reach historic highs. Fueled by both local and foreign money, the PSE index went from 4,000 to over 7,400. Nowadays though, with the FED clearly signaling an end to the Quantitative Easing program, more and more people are getting the sense that the shoe is now on the other foot. [Read more…]

PSE Index Just Went Below 7,000

Bilis ng pangyayari no?

Just a few weeks ago, people were talking about new highs as the PSE broke above 7,400. Now?
Biglang ninenerbiyos na mga tao kasi the index just went below 7,000.

From 7,500 or higher, biglang 6,500 or lower naman usapan ngayon. Kakahilo di ba? Lol.
Well, this is where your investment strategy will truly be tested.
First of all, do NOT dwell on what you COULD have or SHOULD have done. Tapos na yun. Focus instead on what you WILL be doing in the coming days. Kung tamaan ang cut-loss point mo — SELL.

At this point, HOPE is a cigarette, not a strategy.

Kung tamaan naman ang target buying price mo — BUY. If you TRULY believe in your analysis / mentor then put it into motion. Mahirap kasi pag sasabihin nating “I will buy at 7,000.” tapos pag nasa 7,000 magiging “I will buy at 6,800″. Pagdating naman ng 6,800; biglang “I will buy at 6,500″. Pag hindi naman umabot ng 6,500 magiging “Sayang, hindi ako nakabili. Hindi kasi umabot sa target ko eh.”

As you can see from the DOW, an entire year’s worth of gains can very easily be wiped out in a few days and the PSE is NOT immune to that.

So as we brace for a very trying week in the market, be sure you have your entry and exit points clearly marked and that you have the DISCIPLINE to implement them.

Good luck everyone.


Aya Laraya, Investment Advocate

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Are you FED up?

Fed up
Yesterday’s release of the latest Federal Reserve minutes triggered a big rise in U.S. equity markets. In pretty much two sentences, the report sent the major U.S. indices ticketing upwards. This rise was after earlier concerns about the potential content of that report depressed markets.

Will all of this have an effect on our market today? Most likely it will. After yesterday’s 50 point drop and the close to 250 point drop since the index reached 7,400 a few weeks ago there is a pretty decent chance we will see a gain today.

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Market Primers

One of the most common sources of confusion for new market participants are the seeming contradictions between COL Financial’s Technical and Fundamental recommendations. Quite often, an issue rated as “Sell” on Technicals will be rated as “Buy” on Fundamentals. Bakit ganun?

Well, you have to understand that Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) are two very different ways of looking at the same company. Simply put: FA looks at the business while TA looks at the movement of the company’s stock price.
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Hence, if a stock’s price starts going down, it becomes less attractive from a TA standpoint while POTENTIALLY becoming more attractive from a FA view — nagiging mas mura kasi kompanya. Conversely, when stock prices start rising, they become less attractive sa FA while becoming more attractive sa TA.

Confusing? Yes. Lalo na kung pa-lipat-lipat ka.

So, kung beginner ka sa market, dadali buhay mo if you stick with one school muna. NEITHER school is perfect — they both have strengths and weaknesses and unless you pick a side, you will quite often end up confused and unable to act properly.

Put another way: Pag pa-akyat, ayaw bumili kasi mahal. (FA kuno) Pag nalaglag, ayaw pa din kasi “downtrend” na (TA naman). Kung ganun, kelan ka papasok?

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Aya Laraya

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Stuck Dividends: The Sequel

Stuck Divs Sequel
Due to the number of queries generated by the earlier post, here’s a compilation of answers:


1. Stock Dividend vs. Stock Split: To a current shareholder, not much difference really. Value does not change but board lot concerns will be present. Madami ka ngang shares eh kung maging odd-lot naman? :p To a prospective investor, a stock dividend or split MAY make it more affordable. :)


DMC’s 400% stock div. If you have 10 shares today, [Read more…]

Stuck Dividends

Stuck Dividends
No, that’s not a typo. :)

I really do not like stock dividends because, in my opinion, they really do not benefit the small investor. Actually, from my point of view, stock divs are actually prejudiced against small investors. How? Consider the following:

(Caveat, this is for the Philippine setting as it may be different in other countries.)

Image source: TelegraphUK

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