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Three weeks ago marked a milestone for us in PESOS AND SENSE. Last July 5, I conducted our very first International seminar in Dubai. Did you know that over 20% of Dubai’s population are Filipinos? That was why I was very excited — knowing that I would get to meet some of them and share what I have learned over the years.

Helping OFWs is one of the main reasons why we created PESOS AND SENSE. We even have an episode dedicated to our modern-day heroes, because I know that teaching them how to manage their money wisely and how to invest will reunite them with their families sooner.

Aya's Arrival in Dubai

I was greeted with “pleasant” weather (as described by the pilot) of 44 degrees Celsius. (Personally, I never thought I would hear a 44-degree temperature described as pleasant.)

My host during my stay in Dubai was the Filipino group who organized the event, Arcjug of Zion. Let me grab this opportunity to thank them for their warm hospitality, which made me feel at home. They even booked me at a 5-star hotel (being a low-maintenance guy that I am, that felt like being treated like a movie star. Seriously, the room was bigger than the first condo I rented when I moved out of my parents house years ago.)

Can you guess what I did first? Check out my Facebook status:

Facebook status of  Aya Laraya

I think I gained extra pounds there because, like I mentioned, the food was superb!

The next day, we went sight-seeing. Of course I wouldn’t miss taking a photo in the world’s tallest building. Here’s my photo. Medyo sablay lang nga. lol

Aya Laraya in Dubai

After touring city, we went out and did some last minute check in the seminar venue. Excitement filled me upon realizing that in just a few hours left, the venue will be filled by our kababayans.

The Big Day

It was such an honor standing in front of our fellow Filipinos abroad. I was filled with delight seeing their faces as they learn how to manage their money, as well as answering their investment questions.

PESOS AND SENSE Seminar in Dubai

PESOS AND SENSE Seminar in Dubai

PESOS AND SENSE Seminar in Dubai

I do hope that the knowledge they gained will spread like wildfire from one Filipino to another. So that one day, financial literacy won’t be something so foreign to us but already part of our culture and that Filipinos can MAXIMIZE their earnings while away.

If there is one thing I learned from this journey it is that if you want something badly enough, you WILL find a way. Specifically, our event was on a Friday — the only day off for most of our countrymen and the financial cost was NOT cheap. And yet, over 100 Filipinos showed up — some of them having to drive for HOURS just to reach the venue. Talagang kung gusto, gagawa talaga ng paraan.

Hence, if you truly and honestly want to be financially free? ACT NOW. Oo, maraming dahilan para hindi magsimula — mahirap, busy ka, etc. Pero kung talagang gusto mo, gagawa ka ng kahit maliliit na bagay para makapagsimula. Yes, these small acts may seem insignificant and pointless at this time, but these little things when done repeatedly, day in and out, can significantly change one’s future.

You can start by changing the usual OFW habit with the IDEAL saving habit.

ofw saving habits

ideal saving habit

And start taking the first steps to financial freedom

Steps to take for OFWs on how to invest in the stock market

If there is a message that I want to impart to everyone in this blog is that, this is not about me, or PESOS AND SENSE. But it is about YOU!
This revolution of smart investing is about every Filipino taking better care of their hard-earned money for a better future for them and for their families.
We started in the Philippines, and have begun our international journey in Dubai. I know this only the beginning of an amazing journey with all of you.

Aya Laraya

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  1. Aneihra says

    Oh, I didn’t know that you went here. I always read PesosandSense and even followed the page on facebook. If only I knew about it I would definitely part of that seminar. :(

  2. Lerizza says

    I truly appreciate sir Aya for your dedication of equipping financial literacy to every filipinos globally.God Bless you and Pesos & Sense more!

  3. Jose Neri M. Garampiel says

    Looking forward for you to come here also in Doha (Qatar) sometime in the future. Hoping that more OFWs will become financial literate. Praying for more power to you, best regards and God bless.

  4. John panis says

    Looking forward if you can come here also in Jeddah, to enable more pinoy here to be financially literate,
    God bless and more to peso and sense


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