How to Save Money by Keeping Your Home Tidy

How to save
Can a clean home really help you save on money? It certainly can! If you look around your home, you’ll probably see cherished objects decking each room. While these mementos make you go “awww”, you’ll find that the more you add to this sentimental collection, the more clutter will build up. Streamlining your home’s décor and keeping it neat not only frees up space, it will also help you save money! Here’s how a neat home can help you save money:

Tidy and save

You’ll keep track of your bills more easily.

Have you ever experienced receiving your bill in the mail, then forgetting about it? After a few days, mail piles up and that bill envelope is buried under a stack of papers. Upon receiving bills, open them immediately and make a note of the payment and due date. Keep it in a place where you’re sure to remember settling the bill – your everyday bag, your wallet, your folder of bills.

If you’re online most of the time, consider getting your monthly bills online. This not only lessens paper clutter at home, seeing the bill in your e-mail inbox reminds of you more easily of the bills you have to pay right away.

You won’t waste food.

At home, we have a First In, First Out system for our kitchen cupboard and refrigerator. No more forgotten expiry dates. This simple process helps ensure that no food and money goes to waste. This is especially helpful for food that expire easily like yogurt, bread, fruits and vegetables.

You’ll keep an eye on items of value.

Gift cards are a wonderful present, but have you ever experienced forgetting about a gift card you received in the past year or so? You then come across it at the bottom of your drawer, seeing that it has long expired. This sometimes happens to me, especially if the gift card is from a store I don’t regularly patronize. Yikes! What I do now is to make sure gift cards are in an accessible place so I don’t become victim to “Out of sight, out of mind”. I place gift cards in my wallet. Drawers seem to be a black hole for gift certificates!

You’ll be more productive.

When I look around our cluttered room, I keep thinking “Ang daming kalat!!!” Then I go into “inis” mode and start tidying up. After that, I’m too tired to do anything else. A messy environment looks disorganized and makes you feel frazzled. Clean up the mess and you’ll feel as light and clean as the space around you. Calmer surroundings will put you in a more positive, energized mindset, making you more productive. Now go get started working!

Tidying up isn’t easy though, especially if your home is one big mess. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start a little at a time. Start with one part of the room, like your study table or the kitchen cupboard. Soon you’ll discover how getting rid of clutter and keeping your home neat and tidy can help you save money.

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  1. Jierissa says

    Yes, I agree with all of this. I personally experience it and now I want to apply it. Thanks for this very informative blog post.

  2. Raine says

    I totally agree. We actually had a general cleaning all over the house as our way of welcoming 2015! An organized and clean home makes me think peacefully and positively. :)

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