Tama ba ako o Mali?

tama o mali
I have one credit card and I make it a point to pay the full balance on due date. So, last month, my due date was supposed to be Nov. 1. It is a holiday, so syempre sarado ang mga bangko. November 2, holiday ulit. Tapos Sabado at Linggo, wala ring pasok. So, come November 5, Monday, I paid my bill in full.
Got my latest statement today and saw that they were charging me late fees. I called the card’s helpdesk and asked: “Why are you charging me late fees and financing charges?”


Helpdesk: “Sir, late po kayo nagbayad.”


Me: “According to your statement here and I quote: ‘If your Payment Due Date falls on a Saturday,┬áSunday or “National” Holiday, payment due date is automatically moved to the next business day.’


Helpdesk: “Sir, check ko po.”


(Music plays)


Helpdesk: “Thank you for waiting. Sir, note na lang po namin para ma-reverse yung charges.”


Me: “Ok, please make sure na matanggal. Salamat.”


Keep in mind:

There is no commitment that they WILL actually reverse the charges. Tignan ko nalang sa susunod ko na statement. I guess the key point here is if Nov. 2 was a National Holiday. If it was, tama ako. If not, mali ako and I will pay the penalty.

So, was I right or wrong?


This December I got my statement and the fees were removed. Yehey!!
So, pag holiday ang due date mo, magiging next business day ito dapat. :D


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  1. Heston says

    Tama po kayo Sir Aya, May point kayo. pero sana kinuha nyo yung transaction number and the name of the person on the other line. kasi in every calls merong transaction number. recorded kasi yan eh. Di ko lang alam sa banko mo or credit card company mo, para in case hindi pa reverse you can tell them na you did called them to reverse it. Sa akin ganyan eh. Una sasabihin titingnan lang, pero nung itanong ko ang transaction number, parang naobliga.hehehe. Hope this helps. :)

    • rhem says

      yes it’s true !!!! you have to take thier name and transaction number proof you made a comments and call that company.

  2. ted says

    hehehe Sir Aya hoping this is just a excercise question only and surely hindi naman po kayo ito!there are many ways to avoid itong ganitong sitwasyon, eversince naman ay sine celebrate natin ang date na ito or iba pa mang holidays isama na natin ang weekend,so dapat na-anticipate na agad ito sa pagbabayad ng maaga if alam nating tatapat sa mga nasabing holidays ang due date,if the incoming salary ay di aabot sa nasabing date utang ulit sa iba para bayaran ang mag du-due ng CC payment(hahahha lalong gumulo).gusto ko lang sabihin ay “pag gusto ay may paraan pag ayaw ay may dahilan”hahaha. and one convenient way also is to pay online if CC is provided also by the bank where your salary or savings put in, life is easy now with the internet sabi nga nila,hehhe!
    and for the situation given above sige na nga Sir Aya, “tama” kayo!,customer is always right eh.;) God Bless!

  3. Feriester says

    Advisable din na i-enroll sa “Online banking” and iyong savings (or checking) account, dahil sa ganitong paraan ay maari ka magbayad ng iyong bills (including credit cards) kahit pumatak na holiday o long weekend and payment due date… But also take caution dahil ang website maintenance ng mga bangko ay kadalasan ginagawa during weekend… so another alternative is ATM payment

  4. Vaughn says

    Definitely. You can always call your bank and dispute these kinds of charges. And Heston is right, ALWAYS ask for the transaction number of the call and the name of the customer service representative just to be sure that your concern is being taken care of and is properly documented in your account.

  5. thomas emmanuel says

    That’s definitely true. It is more convenient to pay using electronic channels (internet, landline, mobile phone & atms). By using these, you can avoid exercising your feet inside bank premises and other payment centers (e.g. SM bills payment counters), and of course, you can spend time bonding with your loved ones instead of wasting your time making long lines in these payment centers.

  6. says

    actually, it would be wiser to apply for auto-deduct application. I have a bdo bank account and credit and I authorized my bank to automatically deduct my charges on the final due date of my statement. That way, i dont have to worry about the two days clearing because they reflect it right away. Kumbaga hind nakafloat ung pera ko kasi walang clearing period na kailangan.

  7. lucis says

    I was thinking if the term “national” is tantamount to “regular” holiday. As per Proclamation 295 by the president of the republic of the philippines, November 2, 2012 is declared to be a special non-working holiday. As such, this particular term may be relatively argumentative. If such case that , if national equates regular and regular is not the same as special non-working and following this syllogism payment must have been made on or before October 31, 2012. #justathought

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