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Wealth is Health
Wealth is Health
How to Save and Budget Wisely
Can a student invest in the stock marketthumb
Can a Student Invest in the Stock Market?
magic numberthumb
What is Your Magic Number?






Who Needs Financial Literacy?
ping pongthumb
The Social Cost of Investing
Money Resolutions for 2013
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    Sir.if ever i want to EIP in,i purchase a stock like ayala lands.then quarterly 5000 i want to save in every interval.but in the long run i dont have time for sell or trade.what is your good advice for that situation sir?thank you

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    hi! normally every company strives to earn profit and expand their businesses. as the days passed, companies grew bigger and the value of the shares that you originally purchased will increase. say, you purchased 10,000 shares in 5 years and the average value was 10.00/share, the purchased value would be 50,000.00. after 5 years when the value per share becomes higher, say, 30/share, you will have 150,000.00.

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