1. Grace Villaret says

    Dear Sir

    I would like to know what happens to my investment in case a mutual fund company goes bankrupt.

    Thanks and regards

  2. Marcelino Dados says

    Hi sir aya,
    Inquire ko lang po sana ung Mapfre Insular insurance company, ok po ba sila? I mean established na rin po ba ang company nila? Nag paquote po kse ko para sa amin ng wife ko, sa ibang insurance company magkaiba ang premium namin since much older ako sa wife ko, sa Mafpre pareho lang ang amount ng premium na binigay sa amin. By the way term insurance po pala ang iniquire ko, at isa pa po ung accidental insurance yun na rin po ba ang life insurance?

    Thank you very much

  3. says

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