The Money Box

the m box
I can’t help it. After a day of work, I always, ALWAYS have spare change in my pocket. I have a coin purse in my bag but still loose change finds its way to my jeans pocket. I think if I do the Dance of Joy (remember Perfect Strangers?), a certain jingling and chiming would help keep the beat of the dance.


money box

We have a really nice looking wooden box which we got from Landmark. Whenever we arrive home, we head for it and empty our pockets. As of this morning, I think there was about 30-something pesos in change there… a mix of 25 centavo coins, 1 peso coins, 5 peso and 10 peso coins.

Remember: Little things add up!

The other good thing about it is whenever we’re in need for spare change, we don’t have to go looking under the couch or in the pockets of my office bag. I need spare change whenever I ride the cab or when I need to get coffee from the vending machine at work, so our money box is a big convenience. Meanwhile, I’ll work my way up to putting in paper bills in the money box sometime…

(I still do the Dance of Joy in my weird and wacky moments, but the jingling and chiming’s all in my head now.)


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