Nothing Is Free In Finance


How’s your New Year going? I hope you’re having a blast. Speaking of which, did you notice the New Year’s BIG SALE in some malls?
One of the reason why aside from Christmas, New Year is another SALE season is because they know that you probably overspent during the holidays. What better way to attract people in the back in malls than huge discounts right?

not free

If you happen to pass by the mall during the past week, did you notice the very attractive offers on major items such as refrigerators, huge TV sets, and the latest gadgets?

If you think you and your family need it, why not take advantage of the offers. Just a tip though, if there is a choice between cash or credit, choose cash if you can afford it.


I know it can be very tempting for cardholders to charge it on credit. After all, it’s zero percent interest, installment. Pero zero percent interest ba talaga? If so, how come there is a special discount when you pay straight cash?

Now, I’m not saying that all “zero percent installment” have hidden charges. If you find one that has the same charge when you pay straight cash and in credit, then well and good. But always be prudent.

Take into consideration the difference when you pay the “discounted price” in cash or the “regular price” in credit, installment. If you do not mind paying for extra, go ahead. Ang importante lang, well informed ka sa mga choices mo because REMEMBER: nothing is free in finance.

Don’t forget that banks and credit card companies are running a business. They don’t just suddenly turn nice in giving you perks. Want more examples?


I’m sure, kung madalas ka sa mall, nalapitan ka narin ng mga agents na nag-ooffer ng free wall clock, umbrella, or bag. Libre ba talaga yan?

In exchange for your time, they will present different investment products. Yung oras na ginugol mo para sa free item, binayaran ng oras mo. But what’s worse is when you buy an investment product just to get something for free.

Kaya madami sa mga kapwa natin Pilipino ended up owning an investment product that they don’t really need. Bakit? for a free wall clock, bag, or umbrella?

If you really want the freebie, then buy the freebie! Nakatipid ka na sa oras mo, hind ka pa napilitan bumili ng investment na hindi mo naman kailangan at babayaran mo ng maraming taon.

Sa totoo lang, hindi naman libre yang free item na yan, yung totoo, kasama nayan sa pagbili mo ng investment sa kanila. At kung hindi ka naman bumili nung item, binayaran mo yan ng oras mo.


There are a lot of people offering “free” financial advice nowadays.

The introductions are the same: the importance of saving and budgeting and so on. But when it comes towards the end of the presentation it’s time to be vigilant with the kind of information they are giving you. Most of information given by “advisors” are geared towards the kind of investment product they are selling.

Depende sa advisor na kausap mo, iba’t iba ang ibebenta sayo. Like I mentioned in my blog, What is a Good Investment?

Pag pumunta ka sa stock broker, bebentahan ka ng stocks. Pag pumunta ka sa insurance agent, bebentahan ka ng mutual funds o insurance. Magagandang investments, oo. Pero alin dyan ang pinaka-bagay sayo?”

A common scenario is people end up buying a product based on who the best salesperson is. Please don’t do that. Hindi dahil maganda ang presentation at pananalita ay maganda/bagay rin ang investment product nila.”


Invest in financial literacy the same way you invest for your children’s education. To get good and quality education, there are tuition fees to be paid, right? If it’s free, someone’s paying for it like how our government subsidizes tuition fees in public schools.

The same thing applies in financial literacy, so do not expect OBJECTIVE financial advice for FREE.

Ang doctor binabayaran to give medical advice, ang abogado binayabaran for legal advice, financial advice pa kaya?

Aya Laraya

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    Thanks again Sir Aya for enlightening us about these freebies they use to entice us. Napansin ko nga po na may nababawas pa kapag nagbayad ng cash as compared to 0% interest on some items. Kaya everytime we buy something, we ask kung magkano kung spot cash. If walang difference, we go for 0% interest if meron.

  2. says

    Indeed, nothing is free in finance. I also tell people, “Don’t buy just because it’s on sale. Buy because you need it.”
    Thanks Aya for this, once again, an enlightening article on freebies, 0%, and items on sale. Worth sharing!

  3. says

    I thought there was a law passed years ago na pinagbabawal na mas mataas ung singil nila pag credit card than when u pay in cash? Bakit hindi na naman naiimplement ng gobyerno ntin? Sayang kasi we can take advantage of our credit, at the same time paying the same.

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