Philippines Completes Investment Grade Status from the “Big Three”

Philippines Completes Investment Grade Status from the “Big Three”
What Does Investment Upgrade Mean to Filipinos?

Fitch was the first to upgrade the Philippines in March, with S&P following two months after. Yesterday, the Philippines won a rating upgrade from Moody’s Investors Service, completing our nation’s rise to investment rank.

What was once called “the sick man of Asia” is now one of the best performers. But a common sentiment we hear from Filipinos is this: “Wala namang pagbabago. Mga mayayaman lang ang makikinabang dyan.” and so on.

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If you feel that you are left behind, what have you done in the previous months when the Philippines achieved its first and second investment grade status? Did you ever ask how you can take part and benefit from it?

A quote we frequently post on our Facebook page is from Thomas Jefferson which says

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Now that the Philippines has won its third investment grade, the choice is now in your hands. Are you going to start learning or will you wait for the next opportunity to complain? Put another way, kung alam mo na ngang wala kang ma-aasahan sa gobyerno natin dahil sa pork-barrel at kung ano pa, hindi ba mas dapat na IKAW mismo ang maghanap ng paraan para ma-iangat ang sarili mo? :)

The Effects

According to the Department of Finance, one of the effects of the investment upgrade is that the Philippines can borrow funds at cheaper interest rates. Now, our government has more access to funds for infrastructure, health, and education projects that will hopefully provide better services (Yun ay kung gagamitin ng tama ang pondo ng bayan at hindi tinatago sa bathtub hehehe).

An investment upgrade can also be translated as a vote of confidence in the Philippines which encourages foreign investors to do business in our country. More businesses could mean more employment opportunities.

But if you’re already employed, don’t you think is the best time to invest in your own country and help it rise further? If you believe in the Philippines that it is indeed one of the best performing countries in Asia, why not become part owners of big businesses in our country through the stock market? Makisosyo ka! (Read: “Be A Partner with Business Tycoons”)

Also, if you are planning to buy a car or own your dream house, now is the best time to take advantage of the more affordable loans and low interest rates.

Do Your Part

It doesn’t only take the government or economic performance to continue our nation’s progress long-term. Government leaders change, but if “the people” remains to be the sick man of Asia – what will the future of our nation be?

Ultimately, it’s every Filipino’s collective effort for this progress to continue. If we start stepping in one by one and be “Asia’s best performing people”, in time, it will be an absolute reality where no one is left behind.

Aya Laraya

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  1. says

    Tama Sir Aya! :) The growth of the nation does not depend on the government alone. Dapat tumulong din ang mamamayan para lalong umasenso ang bayan!

    I’m happy that we completed the investment grade status from the “Big Three”. :)

  2. says

    Very well said sir. I regret though that I just came across about this investment in my late age. How I wish I’ve known all this sort of things in my younger years. But I believe it’s not too late for me to start. I’ll do it for my child… Thanks for all your advices and sharing..

  3. says

    good day po sa inyo lahat jan,tanong ko lang po,kung mag open ba ng account sa inyo kailangan po
    bang personal pumunta jan? Ofw po kc ako at matagal pa po matapos contract ko salamat po.

  4. kc says

    Should home loan rates get lower too because of the investment grade. I dont see any changes. I compared bank’s home loan rates and they are still offering the same

  5. says

    Sir,sorry sa kakulitan ko,i am really very interested in investing my hard earned income in your on line investment although i am in my retiring age.My question is: If i open an account in the Philippines, can i still continue monitoring the progress of my investment outside Philippines and do the buying and selling of my stocks/shares?

  6. says

    Sir/madam:As a private patirccing structural designer in butuan city, it is of great aid that the site posted vital informations very useful for the civil/structural engineering field such as the map of active faults & trenches in the country. This serve as one of the key steps in developing mapped earthquake accelerations in the future wherein engineers will able to have more precise data in designing safer structures around the country.GOD BLESS!

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