Resolution Check

Resolution Check

With the first quarter of the year now half-over, it’s a good time as any to see if we have actually made any progress with our financial resolutions for 2014. On the most basic level: Nagsimula ka na ba?

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At the beginning of the year, I received lots of inquiries from people as to how they can make a change in their financial habits. Over at COL Financial, their seminars were packed as people came looking to make a change. However, as February rolled around, there has been a noticeable dip in the numbers. And after checking with the people who emailed, texted and called me when 2014 began, I find that MOST have actually made very few changes – if they made any at all. And upon closer inspection, I find that though the reasons they give are varied, the fundamental cause for the delay in adopting the resolutions they said they wanted is pretty much the same: a lack of urgency.

Put simply, we tend to believe that we will always have time to make the changes we need. Hence, we tend to push it back. After all, why invest now when the stock market seems bad and even managed funds don’t look so good?

The thing is, the more we push it back, the more difficult it will become to actually get started. As we have mentioned before, social costs will always get in the way. And the reasons NOT to invest are often good, pleasurable and immediate. Which is why, if one is serious about making a change, you have to be clear on WHY you want to do it. Hindi ka tatagal sa ginagawa mo kung hindi klaro sa iyo at sa pamilya mo kung bakit niyo ba ginagawa ang mga bagay na yan.

So, for those who have started and are already finding it hard to maintain their resolutions, just keep reminding yourself why you are doing this. The road will be hard so you have to ready for it. To help yourself, make sure you treat yourself whenever you reach certain milestones – remember, even marathon runners take a drink every now and then.

As for those, who haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? Markets will always be volatile and there will always be risk of loss. If you keep on procrastinating, you may suddenly find that this year has ended and that you will be starting 2015 wishing that you had done something in 2014. Ganoon na lang ba palagi?

Aya Laraya

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  1. Sarah Go says

    Agree with what you said Sir Aya. I think if people are scared to enter the market, they should at least play virtual markets like what you’ve mentioned in one of your seminars. Kahit magkamali ka doon sa virtual at least you will learn how does the market work and how do you pay your own taxes. Once you are ready to engage in the real market, you will know what to do already. Thank you for reminding us again.

  2. Simrich Toleron says

    I have a positve results… HOW TO PICK WINNING STOCKS SEMINAR… is very informative… I highly recomend for those who want to know how to chose the right
    Winning stocks…

    Thanks Sir Aya…

  3. says

    the most important thing is to set a clear goal and staying focused on achieving it. Just like anything we want to achieve in life, investing need time, effort and dedication. Happy investing everyone!

  4. says

    It started with a DESIRE back in late 2011.
    Desire for me to change.
    It burns inside of me.
    Then I set my goals.
    Debt free by Dec. 2014.
    Financially free by age of 40.
    Emergency fund of P140k.
    Nevermind the Insurance, im still single anyway. :D v
    Mid-Longterm Investments- UITF BDO Equity Fund, MF OWN/Fami Balanced Fund.
    Automatic savings- PAGIBIG MP2.
    Retirement/For Life Fund- COL active stock investing.
    These GOALS of mine I set and launched them all back in 2012.
    GRABE!!! 2 years changed for the better nako!!!
    I have formed the HABIT! Discipline! Consistency! 2 years down, and i’m just getting warmed-up!
    Happy Learning and Investing to all!!!

  5. says

    Hi Aya! I would like to ask regarding investment having investment on the stock market. My friends tell me that it’s worth to invest on it, but I’m a little bit skeptical on how the Philippine stock market behave. My apprehension is that I might lose everything, but my friends assured me that eventhough the local market is unpredictable, I always have the option to invest in many different facets of the market. If these are true, what will be my parameters if what I’m doing is right? Thanks for the big advice.

    • says

      Hi Stefan, there’s very little chance that you will lose everything since you are investing in actual companies. Worst case scenario is mabankrupt ang company to which you bought stocks with but even then may mahahabol ka as an investor kahit paano. I think what your friends are saying is there are a lot of options in investing. In stocks alone, you can choose a high-dividend paying company, growth stocks, or highly speculative if risk taker ka. Depends on your choice, really. I think what you need is to be better educated to ease your skepticism :)

      If you know what you’re doing mas magiging kampante ka sa investing decisions mo :)

  6. Judy Justado says

    Hi Sir Aya, i can only agree to you. participating in the stock market poses a lot of risks, there were times when my stocks would go up, but there were it would go down. since im a beginner at first, i was really scared. what if i loss my money? what then? but i’m always reminded of what you said at the seminar i once attended. that in this industry, there’s always risk. but if you know what you are into, and alam mo yung goal mo, why be bothered di ba. kaya kahit po marami nagsasabi sakin malaking sugal ito, i gave myself 1-year time frame, and now, finally kumita na po ako sa stocks ko. kahit pa unti2 masaya na po ako. i’m actually planning to attend yung how to pick winning stocks nyo po sir, para ma-aral ko po yung diversified na portfolio, i think im ready for the next level na po. thanks to you. :)

  7. Lucille says

    Sir aya, what can you say about kaiser philippines program of 5 yrs hmo policy but with return premium every 5 yrs? Is it legit?

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