Right-Sized Living

Right Sized

…it’s not even always about living small, rather about living “right-sized.”
~Sarah Susanka, Frugal for Life

Such a fresh perspective to not spending more than what you earn, to enjoying the fruits of your labors without sacrificing too much.

Sometimes I’m guilty of scrimping too much. I scrimp too much to the point that I feel bad about what I earn, bad about how I budget, bad about the way I spend. The truth is, I have a pretty good budget plan. It’s just that I get too hard on myself and end up getting the cheapest buys, getting plans that use the least amount of money possible.
Cheaper isn’t necessarily better though.

right sized living


There was a time when I wanted to move to a smaller apartment, so we could save on rent money. A smaller apartment would mean less space, lower ceilings but lower cash outlay every month. The savings would look so good on our budget plan. But how about the claustrophobia? How about my tall husband? How about the space we need to breathe?

We lived in a tiny apartment years ago. The rent was good, but the apartment was really cramped. Fine, we got to save a bit but there just wasn’t enough space to move around. A little jump forward and I’d slam myself against furniture or step on my husband’s foot. We also both fell sick because of the lack in space — air needs to do some dancing too. We needed more breathing room. It happens.

So we moved out and found a much better place. One with extra rooms for our hobbies and collections, more space to dance around in and ceilings high enough for my husband not to bump his head against when he jumps the highest he can. We’ve been loving living in this place. The rent is more expensive, yes, but the perks we pay for are so much worth it. We can breathe, dance, do a cartwheel or two. It’s not too big nor too tiny. It’s just right.
Someday we’ll move out into a place with more rooms. We will plan for that. So far, this is just the right size for us. We’re living just right.


Even if we’re living Goldilocks style, we continue to dream big! We may be renting today, and this may be the arrangement that is right for us at this stage of our life, but we dream of having our own place. I want to have a garden where I can meditate in the early morning. He dreams of having a room to house his toy collection. I dream of a huge kitchen, far from the good-for-one kitchen I am using now. He dreams of having a kick-ass media center.I dream of having a library, so my books don’t have to be cluttered all over the apartment.He dreams of having a nice veranda where we can have breakfast.

They are all possible, and we’re working towards fulfilling those dreams. If we had them right now, perhaps we would be paying off so many debts. It’s not right for us yet. It is right for us in our lifetime, and we know we will get there.

What Sarah Susanska said isn’t just limited to literally how one resides. It can be applied to one’s choice of products, from shampoo to noodles. It can be applied to one’s indulgences, from toys to bags. You don’t have to scrimp. You don’t have to be too thrifty. You just have to choose which ones are just right for you. Think twice about the cheapest things you get. Work harder for the ones that may be out of reach now; you will get them soon. They may not be right for you just yet. But they will be.

Living small isn’t bad, but living right-sized is so much better.


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