Can a Student Invest in the Stock Market?

can a student

Most Filipinos, when they hear about the stock market, think that it is for businessmen, company CEOs, or people who have millions of pesos. Some think it is for intellectuals who understand all the graphs and can do countless analysis. But the truth is, investing in the stock market can be simple–even a student can do it!

Can a student invest in the stock market

Are you a Trader or Investor?

You may have heard of scary stock market stories where people lose so much money in such a short time. This can happen in a matter of seconds. People called “Traders” transact like this in the stock market. Mabilisang kita, but it is very risky because they have to be watching the market most of the time so they can react quickly.

Did you know that there is another way to enter the stock market? You can be an Investor! It may sound complicated, but it is as simple as being a Co-Owner of a listed company. (Read more about it here: Be Partner with Business Tycoons)

For as little as 5,000 pesos, you can start investing in successful businesses in the Philippines. Some of the companies listed in the stock exchange are household names like SM, Jollibee, Globe, GMA7, and many more! Just like a real business owner, you have to think long term and hold on to your investment for many years.

Because of the technology nowadays, almost everyone can be a stock market investor. Regardless of your age, income, and experience, you can be part of the phenomenal growth of the Philippine Stock Exchange. How? It is through the Peso Cost Averaging Strategy. (Read how it works here: Peso Cost Averaging Explained)

To answer the question “Can a student invest in the stock market?” the answer is YES! Sounds hard? What if I tell you I know someone who started while he was still in high school? Who? ME!

My Stock Market Adventure

Like any other kids in high school, I wanted to buy a lot of things. At that time, I wanted to buy VHS tapes so I could watch my favorite movies repeatedly. Even though I could ask money from my parents, they trained me to work for money so I could buy the things that I wanted. That was the reason why I looked for a summer job.

I worked for the Philippine Stock Exchange as a “runner”. My task was to bring documents from one point to another.

Spending time in the stock exchange everyday taught me how it works. Seeing how it can make money for people, I entered the stock market and started trading. I was so happy that I was earning my own money. But it wasn’t always the case.

There were times that I lost money too because I wasn’t always available to watch the market everyday. It was only later that I discovered that another way to participate in the stock market was to invest using the Peso Cost Averaging strategy which I mentioned earlier.

The Aya Today

Starting early taught me valuable lessons about money. I learned that TIME is one of the most valuable assets that a person has.

I now devote myself to sharing knowledge, especially with students to start early just like me because I believe that students have a great advantage – they have a lot of time to make their money grow!

No matter how small their money is today, it can go a very long way once they learn how to save and invest. Little by little, instead of putting money in a piggy bank, they can invest in growing companies.

So if you are a student and you are reading this,


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  1. leandro casida says

    Hi gud day sir….
    I’m interested about the topic in investing in PSE…. but I don’t knw how to start and what to choose… could u pls help me to decide,. Thanks.

      • maria says

        hi Mr Aya, I am currently a Ofw in uae and your blog catch my attention since im looking for a seminar on how to do stock marketing I would appreciate if you could share me the exact address where your seminar to be held. i read that it is every thursday at 1500hr?am i correct?like what you are saying and bo sanchez i want to invest for my future.your help will be a big help with my financial status, thanks

      • Cheska says

        Sir. Pwede na po ba akong magstart mag-invest? I’m already 18 pero kailangan sa website niyo ng TIN, wala po ako non because I’m still studying.. Ano po pwede kong gawin?

  2. Luigi Paredes says

    Totoo yan! Mas advantage ang mga bata pa. Kaya gusto ko to matutunan para i-share sa mga bata kong friends. They’re only 16-17 years old. Tanong ko lang po. Legal age po ba dapat to start on this investment? And one more thing. Gusto ko po malaman buong journey nyo to this kind of business. :) Goodluck More Power!

      • kontraktorr says

        Hi Aya. We got an ITF accounts for my kids. Tanong ko lang po kung dumating yung time na legal na age nila, is the fund will be subjected to tax like capital gains tax from ITF account to their personal account? Or is it better to withdraw the fund by us before their legal age then handed over the cash to them and let them make their own (new)account?

  3. Rj says

    Hi sir! Im a graduating student and I know so little about stock market. I would like to know more about it… I hope you can visit us here in cebu and do a seminar.. Will be very happy to attend :)

  4. edlyn says

    hi sir aya. i want my son to be have stocks under his name but i wonder kasi 4y/o pa lang sya. is it possible and how is the procedure? thanks

  5. Junn Fox says

    sir, nk attend na ako ng seminars, nk open na din ng account may mga bagay2 na gusto malaman pa saan b kita pwedi macontact, cp number kung pwedi..tks sir


    i want to be part of this mr. aya… nxt year i will come to your seminar… pls update me in my email add…

  7. Jessa Misolas says

    Hi Sir may I know your contact number regarding on this Stock Exchange? My Uncle and I is interested on this. Please confirm so we have a little idea about it. Thankyou. You may contact me on the email that I sent to you. Thankyou and Godbless.

  8. edisonm says

    Sir,,, goodday po,, yung po bang napapanood sa youtube na seminar yun na rin po ba ang seminar actual sa ortigas thank you,,

  9. Mav Sison says

    sir, how ca i enter the stock market? can you please do a step by step procedure on how to do it if you’re a student? i don’t have the TIN number, SSS, or those stuffs needed or required in the form to be fill out. help pls. by the way, thanks for this.

  10. Rachele Ann says

    Hello. I’m just 18 y.o and I would like to invest. I would like to know if how much is the average fee for the stockbrokers and do I have to make monthly investment? I’m still studying and I don’t think I can afford making monthly investment. Thank you.

  11. joan says

    hi im 19, a financial management student. napaka interesting ng page na to . post pa po kayo ng maraming pse topics ..thankyou Godbless


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