Keeping Calm and Investing On

Keeping Calm and Investing OnStick to Your Investment Plan Even When Others Do Not

 The stock market has been crashing the past few weeks. I’m not worried nor am I sad. As I posted in my Facebook wall, “I am keeping calm and investing on.” Why?

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The basic definition of a stock is “ownership in a business.” (If you are a short term trader, this blog is not for you.)

Buying ONE SHARE of a company’s stock actually makes you a business partner in that corporation. (Read Be a Partner with Business Tycoons here)

People forget this fact all the time. You are a business partner in a REAL BUSINESS that employs people and sells products or services. If a company makes a lot of money and grows significantly, the stock grows in the long run as well.

However, real businesses do NOT grow leaps and bounds overnight. It takes YEARS and even DECADES! How many malls can SM build in a year? PLDT or Jollibee did not suddenly pop out of nowhere. They had their ups and downs as well.

down Market

The stock market has been going down significantly the past few weeks because foreign investors have been pulling out their investments here and placing them in other countries. Kumita na sila sa Pilipinas, kaya dun naman sila sa ibang bansa.

So why should we NOT be worried? Hindi naman nagkagera bigla sa atin. The blue chip companies whose stock prices crashed double digits continue to operate and sell their products and services. They are not suddenly laying off thousands of people.

Hindi naman biglang naglaho yung 750+ branches ng Jollibee nung bumagsak presyo nila diba? Higit pa dito, naghahanap pa ang mga nagpapatakbo niyan ng mga bagong paraan upang lalong kumita sa mga darating na panahon.

In PESOS AND SENSE, we advocate long term investing in stocks. Pick a good company and regularly (monthly/quarterly) invest a fixed amount over the next several years.

Situations like this (down market) are an opportunity to buy good companies at cheap prices especially if you are following our recommended Peso Cost Averaging Strategy
(Read more about this strategy here: Peso Cost Averaging Explained). If you are already invested and feel bad that you should have sold last month, don’t. (Long-term ka naman talaga di ba?)

This is an opportunity for Smart Investors like you.

Keep calm and invest on.

Aya Laraya, Investment Advocate

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  1. says

    Sir Aya – my take is that there will come a time when the US (or other non-Asian countries) will be overbought and the PSEi will be oversold (if not go sideways). When that happens, babalik ang investors satin kasi mas malaki ulit ang potential growth (assuming our fundamentals will still be intact).

    Thanks for this, Sir! :)

  2. says

    Ginoong Aya Laraya,
    Gusto ko lang pong magpasalamat sa inyo ng marami dahil nagkaroon po kayo ng direktang impluwensya sa buhay naming mag-asawa sa pamamagitan po ng programa ninyong Pesos and Sense. Nagkaroon po kami ng mga kasagutan sa mga tanong naming pinasyal at linaw sa mga plano namin pag kami ay magre-retiro na. Sana po ay magkaroon kami ng tsansa na makilala kayo ng personal at tuloy maulit ko ang aming pasasalamat sa inyo. Laking ginhawa po sa mga tulad naming OFW ang magkaroon ng malinaw na plano kung saan ilalagak ang mga naitatabi naming kita para sa amin at ng anak(magiging mga anak namin) sa hinaharap. Nawa’y maraming mata pa ang mabuksan ng inyong programa lalo dito sa Gitnang Silangan.


    Dennis Artuz

  3. Aileen says

    Nice Blog Sir Aya, this keep us calm, invest regularly and stick to our game plan which is long term play. Thank you for guiding us into the stock market world.

  4. Patrick says

    Sir Aya mag sisimula pa lang po ako mag invest sa stock market. may katanungan po ako. Sa EIP po ba lets say na naka dedicate ako, diba po long term yan 5yrs or 10, 20 yrs, pwede po ba ako mag set ng target price sa mga shares na nabili ko and then example after 6months na reach ko na yung target price ko. Then bibili na lang ulit ako ng panibagong shares na mababa ang price at gagawain ko ito over time. Anu po bang advice nyo pag sinabing long term? may pinag kaiba po ba ito sa gagawin ko na example sa pag bili ng shares and never sell over a years? maraming salamat po

  5. says

    Great advice!

    People know the saying “buy low, sell high”. But when stocks go cheap they stay away. it seems all they want to do is buy high and sell higher. Where’s the profit in that?! :D

  6. Jessamyn says

    Sir Aya, I have a question. I’ve read somewhere that SM’s listed stocks will merge this year,. Thus, one or two will be delisted. I have invested in SMPH. What will happen to the shares should this stock be delisted and merged? I also noticed that SMPH is no longer listed in COL’s investment guide tho they are still existing in the Technical Guide. What could this mean? Thanks.

    Thank you for guiding us Filipinos.

    • says

      SMPH will be the surviving entity so your shares will not be delisted. :) COL is currently reviewing SMPH’s valuations so hintay lang at babalik din yun. :)

  7. marlon pinote says

    Good pm Mr. Aya Laraya ds s marlon i would like to inquire which are the better the stock trading or forex trading that can provides better income or profit from short-term to long-term transactions pls help me. Actually I’m the beginner of forex trading and pls guide me to the ideal currency market broker and the legitimate investment company. Thank you!

  8. Tin says

    Hi Sir Aya! I attended your seminar yesterday re investing in the stock market. I would just like to ask kung mas ok po ba, for example, na mag-invest ng 5k monthly in a single company or pwede ring 2k each monthly for 3 good companies? Nahihirapan po kasi akong pumili ng isa sa top 3 companies na naiisip ko. Would a 2k investment monthly also be recommended? Is there a minimum “recommended” amount to invest on per company (eg: 2k, 3k,5k)? Thank you very much Sir Aya! More power! :)

  9. says

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