The Cost of Dying in the Philippines

Cost of Dying in the Phillippines

It’s that time again in November when most Filipinos remember their departed loved ones. Others even travel in very far provinces just to commemorate All Soul’s Day.

Also during this season, Filipinos think about their own passing and assess if they’re actually prepared for it or not. Depending on one’s religion, there are different ways to prepare. But another aspect we can also look into is the cost of dying in our country. Simply put, magkano na nga ba mamatay ngayon?

Cost of dying

Now, we don’t want to sound insensitive in considering death an expense. But if one doesn’t prepare for this kind of expense, it can add to the burden to a grieving family, right?

The cost of dying can range from several thousand pesos up to a million. Because this topic isn’t usually discussed, most Filipinos find themselves financially unprepared when faced with the inevitable.

To give you an idea how much funeral and other services usually costs, here’s our Infographic. [Read more…]