Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Ang Pera Mo at Ang Halaga Nito

Every Filipino’s Guide to Inflation

Walking towards our seminar venue at Max’s Restaurant, I saw an enlarged copy of their very first menu. Just look at the price of a whole fried chicken – FIVE pesos!

Max's Classic Menu (Inflation Example)

Do you remember your parents telling how cheap prices were during their time?
O, wag na tayo lumayo, kahit ako, I still remember a time when commuting cost less than 2 pesos, phone calls were 75 cents, wala pang coke in cans, arcade tokens were a buck each, and you can enjoy a movie for less than fifty pesos.

Eh magkano ba ang mga ‘to ngayon? A whole Max’s fried chicken is P389, a small bottle of soda is now P10, P8 is the minimum fare to ride a jeepney, and a regular 2D movie costs P200.

Bababa kaya ang mga presyo na ‘to o mas tataas pa? Nagbabago ang presyo ng mga ito dahil sa INFLATION.

You may have heard about inflation before or maybe you haven’t. I hope by the end of this blog, you’ll have a greater understanding of what it is and how it affects all of us. [Read more…]