The Cost of Dying in the Philippines

Cost of Dying in the Phillippines

It’s that time again in November when most Filipinos remember their departed loved ones. Others even travel in very far provinces just to commemorate All Soul’s Day.

Also during this season, Filipinos think about their own passing and assess if they’re actually prepared for it or not. Depending on one’s religion, there are different ways to prepare. But another aspect we can also look into is the cost of dying in our country. Simply put, magkano na nga ba mamatay ngayon?

Cost of dying

Now, we don’t want to sound insensitive in considering death an expense. But if one doesn’t prepare for this kind of expense, it can add to the burden to a grieving family, right?

The cost of dying can range from several thousand pesos up to a million. Because this topic isn’t usually discussed, most Filipinos find themselves financially unprepared when faced with the inevitable.

To give you an idea how much funeral and other services usually costs, here’s our Infographic.

Infographic -- Cost of Dying in the Philippines

As you have seen, funeral costs vary depending on your preference, like the different types of cremation. So if you want to be scattered in the wind like what you see in the movies, you will have to allot more money for this.  And if you’re planning to save money on a public cemetery, make sure that your family will be ready for this kind of recurring expense.

Losing a loved one can be very difficult. Having a plan when this happens will help provide security and peace of mind for your grieving family.

Uncomfortable as it may seem, one can start preparing for this today and ensure a peaceful exit for the benefit of the family members who will be left behind.

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  1. Mary Ann Calingo says

    Wow, this topic is soo cool. I have an insurance, not sure how it is called, but it’s with St. Peter’s. They will provide funeral service, and also offers return of premium when the insured dies. Me service na, me pang kape pa, hahaha. (I’m not selling St. Peter’s ha. A family friend sells it)

    • Grace says

      I got one too, It’s called St. Peter Life Plan with money back–it has a life insurance, accident insurance, and a money back feature wherein they will return the premium after certain period of time ( for my plan-5 years paying, plus 5 year waiting , on the 11th to 15th they will return the amount). But I think today they’ve change their terms.

  2. yuan says

    memorial plans are basically forced savings in nature. if you want to prepare for your death, invest your money anywhere that has high returns and just write down your preferences during your wake. In that way, your money can still work for you and you still get to have your last death wishes. Unlike with memorial plans, you are stuck with whatever arrangements your memorial company has offered.

  3. Bro. Munding says

    We must all be ready to go for the journey to the next world. However, for those people who wish to prepare a better way of leaving behind their loved ones…Got to secure, whatever is available memorial plans in the market today. As they say, the kind of memorial prepared by the departing soul, speaks who they are in the community of their influence. But, for those who cannot do so, do not worry, because your family members, relatives and friends, will surely find a decent and dignified burial for the departed soul. God bless us more.

  4. Ann Soberano says

    Memorial plan just like St. peters is 100% tripled than the price that of with direct contact with funeral when needed on the spot. Id rather save 20-50k on an atm for my own funeral expense depending on your desired funeral package than buy a memorial plan. This plans are definitely so marked up. The only reason why this plans are nice because you are force to pay it thus you can save money for ur own funeral but if you have that discipline to save for your own then you shouldnt worry bout that. You can secretly save money at an atm then just entrust it to someone trusting so in case it will be needed, your family can use it.

    • anne says

      Hi Ann, i just want to comment. Saving in the bank is a very wise step towards financial preparedness for “Emergency fund”… when you alive. But when an Account holder dies, there will difficulties to withdraw the money from the bank. Facing all the charges after the death, and dont forget the Estate Tax. The time frame for waiting to withdraw the money from the bank will never meet the urgency you need for burial, and expect your 50k pesos will be less than expected. Just saying. :)

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