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Are you looking for the best advice regarding Personal Finance and Investments? Look no further!

Our community of Smart Investors from around the world chose these top blog entries as their most read and liked posts.

Do not miss this chance to read these blog entries to help you understand personal finance and investments, the simple and easy way!


5 Easy Steps To Start Investing in the Stock Market

Phillipine stockmarketOne of our most Frequently Asked Question of all time: “Paano mag invest sa stock market?” Read this blog to know how.

2   How To Avoid Investment Scams

4 questions you need to ask to avoid investment scamsYear after year, Filipinos fall into a “get rich quick” scheme. This blog will tell you what questions you need to ask to know if an investment is legitimate or not.


Is The Philippine Stock Market Cheap or Expensive?

Cheap or expensiveIn the first few weeks of 2013, we have witnessed the record breaking performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange’s main index. Now everyone is wondering, what will happen next? Is it a good time to invest? Know the answers here.


  Fear Factor


Are you afraid to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other investments because of the fear of losing your money? Take the time to learn so you can take away the fear. Learn more from this blog.


Be a Partner With Business Tycoons

business tycoons

Who do you think owns PLDT? Manny Pangilinan? Several big investors? Actually, hundreds of thousands of companies and normal people own PLDT. And you can be one them!


Tips On Minimizing Potential Loses


There is no such thing as a risk-free investment. Every investment, legitimate or not, can incur a loss and wipe out all your money.

To keep this from happening, read this blog.


Things to Do When Your Stock Wins

soaring stocks

The Philippine Stock Exchange is soaring to record breaking highs. What do we do next? Read Aya’s answer here.


Peso Cost Averaging Explained


Did you know that you can start investing in the stock market for as low as P5, 000? You can do this monthly, semi-annually, or annually. It is all up to you! By using the Peso Cost Averaging strategy, not only you minimize the risk but also lessen the need to constantly monitor the market.


  The Day After 

photo 2 day after

Within days after payday, a lot of employees are faced with the dreaded question – where did their salary go? Let us take a look at the most common places where your hard-earned money goes!


How To Use Time to Make Millions

time to make

When it comes to investing, time is one of your greatest assets. Discover how your small amount of money today can be millions in the future.

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  1. says

    Have a good day to everyone,

    I want to start investing sa Col, napanood ko yung bawat episode sa pesos and sense .Gusto ko sana sa Mutual fund pero hindi na available ngayon. Gusto ko rin yong peso cost averaging, Ang hindi ko maintindihan lang kapag nag open account ako, lets say 5k . then papano ba ang pag bili ng stock everymonth? saan ko sya titingnan.. wala kasi ako sa pinas ..gusto ko ring umattend ng mga seminars. pag uwi ko pero matagal pa kasi uwi ko.

    • says


      Napapanuod ko na ang pesos and sense, may idea na din ako sa EIP or peso cost averaging. And may idea na din sa stock market according sa mga napanuod ko sa pesos and sense. Pwede ba ako mag invest sa Trading account pero gagamitin ko sya sa EIP? Mzny thanks

      • says

        Additional question na din, nag try ako sa 7days trial ng COL pero hndi ko sya nagamit, then nag try ulit ako mag register for the 2nd time gamit ang same email add ko, pero na declined. Is it neccessary na mag open ulit ako ng panibagong email add? tnx ulit.

      • says

        Sir , how can i open or invest ,i dont have any billing statement ,bank/credit card statement here in abroad. I asks My sister to scan my bank statement in there pinas and send me so i could send it together with col forms to start investing, can i send My working permit Id and passport are these would be enoughed?

  2. JP Yu says

    Hi Aya,

    With all the lectures and seminars you’ve done in Capital Market Investment do you think it’s about time you have to put your thoughts into publication? I’ve been anticipating for that to happen soon. Thanks and more power to you!

  3. Ericson V.Pasion says


    Interested po ako sa investing sa COL. Ask ko lng po sana kung pwede ako maglagay ng isang bagsakan na 100k at kung saan ko ilalagay mutual fund or stocks? short term lng po ang gusto ko. After three – five years gusto ko ng kunin. Thanks

  4. says

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