Financial Education for Filipinos

PESOS AND SENSE aims to help Filipinos worldwide achieve their dreams for themselves and their families through financial education.

We have reached millions of Filipinos around the world through our TV show, blogs, seminars, and other online initiatives.

Representatives from numerous financial and investment companies, local and multinational, have told us that they use our videos and other educational materials for both training and sales.

We are proud.

We are honored.

We are happy.

Being able to contribute to making things easier and clearer for Filipinos so they can make the right money decisions is cool!

Anyone is more than welcome to use any of our materials for personal or business use.

Please. Use them.

We just appeal to you that PESOS AND SENSE and its founder, Mr Aya Laraya, be recognized when using our materials.
Removing, covering, and/or replacing our trademarks are unacceptable, especially when these are initiated by representatives of established financial institutions.


Have a good day :p



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