When do I Sell? (Flowchart)


Do you have a target? (target profit or loss)


If No, find a target.
If Yes, has target been hit?


If Yes- sell
If No- hold

New Flowchart when do i sell

Aya Laraya, Investment Advocate

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  1. docust says

    What are the factors that will determine in setting my target. What will be its basis? Is there a rule of thumb that we will follow that can guide us telling/signalling its time to sell (profit or loss)?

    • says

      You can use Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis or your happiness as the basis to set your target. Kanya-kanya yan as no method works for all people and all stocks :)

  2. Francis says

    I consider 20% gain before i sell. I sell only the number or stocks that equates to my profit so my capital stays. All the profits in my portfolio goes to only one company. In short,i am buying this company out of my 20% gain from other stock.

  3. says

    Its a great graphical flow diagram. It explains the selling strategy well in a small graphic. This is why it says that picture worth 1000 words

  4. brian says

    hi aya,

    if i sell my share of stocks, where can i find the sales of my stock? i am asking this because i haven’t tried selling my stocks.

    thank you.


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